Tuesday, May 30, 2006
The Evil Step-Mother
Dear Mix: "I am 24 and living with my boyfriend who has custody of his 2 daughters ages 6 and 9. This weekend I told them if they cleaned up their room I would take them to the beach. They didn't but complained to their maternal grandmother over the phone last night that they had to stay home all weekend. This morning the mother and grandmother came by and cursed me out because of it. I am so angry and I don't know what to do. Any advice?" Samantha in CA

The first words that sound the alarm bell is you're "living with your boyfriend". That tells me you are only the girlfriend and as long as the situation remains this way you may not ever be taken seriously or respected. This will remain the prospective towards you from your boyfriend's children and other's within his life. Even if or when you become a permanent fixture in this family, as wife or step-mother you will still have a long, hard road to gain the respect you deserve.

You have to make a stand and a hard one. Speak to your boyfriend privately and discuss your feelings and concerns in this matter. Trying to encourage the girls to clean their room and to be responsible was a very good thing for you to do - however, if you are undermined by their Mom and Granny, you need a stronger supporter such as your boyfriend to have your back.

Speak to your boyfriend, establish and agree on your role in this family situation and have him vow to support and defend your choices to his girls and to others. If he can't do that, you need to leave now while you are young and the getting is good! Now is the time to decide your place and your future and this is the perfect opportunity. Good luck! -Mix
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Father's Day Blogger Award
Father's Day is Sunday, June 18 and I'm looking for Dads who Blog. We had a great turn-out of Mom Blogs for Mother's Day and now is the chance to let the Dads have their say and be heard! Let us know "Who's your Daddy!" by nominating your favorite Father's Blog.

To Enter the Contest or to nominate a site; please email me at Margiemix@comcast.net or simply fill out the form at the Mix-Pix Awards Site. Please be sure to include the web address to the blog being submitted. Entrees will be judged in a positive light on content and design. Contest ends: "Father's Day; Sunday - June 18, 2006."

Winners will be given a "Father's Day Mix Pix Button" of their choice to display on their site and recognition throughout the Blogosphere. Amateur Bloggers encouraged to apply!
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Friday, May 26, 2006
Attention all Sushi Lovers!
Okay, okay, okay. I will come right out and admit it: I was the type who wouldn't even try Sushi and knocked it without ever even giving it a try. What ever was I thinking?

Oh alright, I know what I was thinking:

"Eeeew, raw fish!"

"Double yuk on the seaweed."

"What the... ouch... what is that green stuff?!!!"

After caving and trying a few varieties last week, I will fully admit I am hooked. So hooked that I craved it all week until tonight and just went out to pick up a take-out order of Boston Roll, Philly Roll and Rainbow Roll. I LOVE them all!!!

So here's a question to all Sushi lovers out there in the Blogosphere; "Do you have any suggestions? Am I being biased towards trying any made out of "eel" or am I missing something great? What in the world is Sashimi?"

Stop holding out and give me the 4-1-1 already! Thanks!
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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Drama Doppler

Today or rather this weekend, sharing another thoughful graphic by my very favorite "Blahger" Dar.

How does he know the issues I come to contend with over this past week? Is he clairvoyant or something?

Puts a whole twist to "Gaydar" when I find myself running into someone I hadn't seen in awhile and suddenly alarms sound off reminding me why that is.

The "Drama Doppler" tells me when not to answer my phone. When not to get the mail from my box. When to avoid that beauty shop gossip queen when going to the local convenience store for a gallon of milk. When not to open that email.

Maybe with "Drama Doppler" installed - I am the one who is clairvoyant?
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Thursday, May 18, 2006
They're trying to bowl you over
Dear Margie Mix "My husband is deployed and his friends keep telling me that he has been cheating on me. I don't know what to do about this. I love him and I believe he does love me but when so many guys tell me this is really bothers me. What should I do?" - Michelle in TX

Michelle in Texas? Here's a tip, join a bowling league once a week and keep yourself busy and entertained. There should be an alley near the base. Go sign up for a summer league. Trust me on this one! You need to hang out with "family oriented" military families and see how things really are and go down.

Honey, your husband's so called friends are just saying this to you because they want you. I'm serious, think about it. If they were true friends to your husband would they go and rat him out to his wife while he was away serving our country? Good Buddies keep such secrets and they don't hit on a friend's wife.

Start hanging out with a better, family oriented and ethical crowd. These guys are losers. Trust me on this one. Your husband is true unless he tells you otherwise. Keep having faith in him, especially at a time when he needs it the most. Stand by your man, Girlfriend! -Mix

(PS: At the bowling alley, look for an old lady with 10 kids named Michele. Stick your tongue at her and tell her Margie Mix sent you. She'll set you straight.)
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
13 Clowns That Corrupted My Life
Thirteen Clowns that corrupted my life...

    1) Clarabell from the Howdy Doody Show died yesterday at the age of 84.
    In all respects to Lew Anderson, I was spared from most of the Howdy Doody syndicated re-runs. His weapon of choice was a bottle of seltzer and he expressed himself via the annoying squawk of a bicycle horn. Corruption level: LOW

    2) Bozo the Clown. Back in the late '60's they didn't have 7 second delays to censor out bloopers on live performances. Sometimes the kids on Bozo's show weren't so well behaved and Bozo would often make the comment, "That's a Bozo no-no" to misbehaved children. At only 3 years old I was introduced to the word "F*ck" via Bozo's Show when a particular brat shouted back, "F*ck off, clown!" I try using that statement in a variety of situations ever since. Corruption level: HIGH

    3) In 1962, the character of Punchy was introduced in a commercial for Hawaiian Punch. His long-time catch-phrase is "Hey, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch!" was followed by Punchy literally punching someone. This was later dropped, because some parents and other viewers thought it was highly inappropriate in a commercial. Corruption level: HIGH

    4) Michael Richards - Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld is my all time favorite clown. Imagine having a neighbor as nutty as Kramer. Sunbathing in butter, putting a screen-door on his hallway entrance apartment, free-balling in polyester pants or installing a garbage disposal in his shower. I had such a neighbor once named Steve. A normal "Dilbert" sort of guy until you poured Peppermint Schnapps into him. That is when the party started. Gosh I miss him. Corruption level: LOW

    5) Mr. Noodle appears in segments on Sesame Street's "Elmo's World." He attempts to illustrate a topic by playing charades. I could have sworn I watched him trying to lick his privates while portraying a cat once. But then again... that's my imagination for you. Corruption Level: LOW

    6) Krusty the Clown from "The Simpsons". He's addicted to gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, Pepto and Xanex. In one episode he cuts up on the kids at a Special Olympic event. I actually laughed. Corruption level: EXTREME

    7) The Three Stooges; Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp and Joe. Okay, that's five but who is counting? "Trying to be some sort of wise guy, eh?" I loved them and can still hear the theme song "Three Blind Mice" singing in my head today. I often wonder why I can't find them syndicated on TV today. Perhaps it was the eye poking or the head slapping? I tend to think they were replaced by WWE Wrestling events. Either way, I miss them. Corruption level: LOW

    8) Pennywise from the movie by Stephen King, "It". The children each individually discover the existence of a child-murdering, shape-changing monster which they call "It". "It" appears in many forms, often taking the shape of its prey's worst fear, but usually as a sadistic, malevolent, balloon-wielding clown called Pennywise. Corruption level: EXTREME

    9) Ronald McDonald today is simply Michael Jackson painted white and wearing Wicked Witch of the East stocking apparel. Pushing Chessus Burgers with his sidekick Grimmus. Corruption Level: MEDIUM

    10) Paul Reubens a.ka. Pee Wee Herman from "PeeWee's Playhouse". It's overkill but he was caught wacking off in a Florida adult theatre. It's not so much the wacking that upsets me, but the fact that he was "caught" in a dark theatre. Someone was watching him and he kept doing it. Corruption level: MEDIUM

    11) Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean "Be afraid. Be very afraid." Of all clown-type characters Mr. Bean is another one of my favorites. His routines are observant of life in general and the everyday crap we all go through. His emotionless expressions take the cake as I strive to be like him. Corruption level: MEDIUM

    12) The Blue Man Group from those Pentium III commercials and other theatrical productions. Three men painted in blue paint wearing latex bald caps. It is as if the Smurfs snuck away from Middle Earth for an evening and impregnated Madonna with triplets. Highly entertaining but something about them just feels wrong. Corruption level: LOW

    13) The Keystone Cops set a very high standard for our current levels of authority. Oh... let's say Homeland Security for example. Stumbling over one another in chaos and confusion. Lack of coordination and uncertain in what they are supposed to do or how to do it. Throw in a couple of cream pies and a serious administration turns comedy into tragedy. Not much effect on myself as of yet, but to speak for the poor people of New Orleans... Corruption Level: EXTREME
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Are your Unmentionables April Downy Fresh?
"My landlord stopped by my apartment today while I was at work to fix my dryer. He fixed it and it works but he tested the dryer by washing and drying a load of my laundry! I'm very embarrassed because it was my lingerie and other unmentionables that were in the hamper. He's an old guy who lives by himself. My issue is that I don't know if I should thank him or should I remain stunned in my assumption that he is some dirty old pervert." -Feeling Violated in New Jersey

Your assumption? Do you mean you think he sniffed your dirty "unmentionables" or perhaps put them on and pranced around your apartment?

Don't get your panties in a wad just yet. There is a good chance your landlord's intentions were good and he felt that doing your laundry would help lighten your load, not his. Go ahead and thank him and see what he says in return.

If he says, "No problem, it was my pleasure." Than bless your lucky stars for you have just landed yourself free laundry services. - Mix

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Monday, May 15, 2006
Pulling Your Hair Out
Dear Margie Mix: "Maybe you can help me. My 4 year old son has an obsessive habit of pulling his hair out and we're at a loss on what to do about it. He has bald spots over a few places on his head. Please take this issue seriously and don't make a joke out of it." - Worried Mom

I'll be up front with you by saying I do not know much about this. My daughter doesn't do this but she sure has a way of making me pull my hair out in frustration at times.

Sorry, you did ask for seriousness and I will be. First of all bring this issue to your son's pediatrician because he/she will be able to help you more than I can here.

Trichotillomania, also referred to as "trich" is the obsession of pulling one's hair out. Please go to this website and read a little bit about it. They have an excellent advice and information that can give you some more direction in dealing with this issue.

Your son is only 4 and this habit may not had taken root as an emotional/psychological problem just yet. I would suggest since summer is on the way, to give him a buzz cut so he will have a difficult time grasping his hairs in order to pull them. Perhaps over the time (2-3 months) this summer, he will be able to break this habit.

Also watch him and note the times when he does this. Is it out of boredom? Watching TV? See if you can identify what they call "triggers" that cause him to pull his hair out. Don't worry yourself into a frenzy just yet, your son is young and this could work itself out wonderfully. There is a huge chance that this is just a beginning of a habit that he can break with your loving guidance and encouragement.

Above all please make an appointment with your child's doctor as soon as possible to discuss this. Your Doctor will be better informed to help you and your son overcome this problem. -Mix
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Rock Concert Shirt Clouds Mom's "Mother's Day"
Hey Mix: "I ruined Mothers Day for my wife this afternoon. I was going to get dressed and mow the lawn then I found that she threw away all of my concert t-shirts! Please explain to your woman readers they won't like it if their man went through their clothes and threw away what we hate." -RAGED ROBERT

Gosh Robert, she could have at least tore them up and used them as cleaning rags. In her defense maybe she tossed them because they don't fit you anymore and they're taking up room in your dresser. If you have been still wearing them and they don't fit, maybe she's doing you a favor by sparing your from the neighbor's snickering. You know, after watching you mow the lawn with a big hairy beer gut hanging out of a faded black shirt - four sizes too small.

Seriously though, per Robert's request; Girls - Please don't haul off a box of your man's clothes to Goodwill or the dumpster without letting him look through it first. Even if he (unlike Robert here) hasn't worn them in years and they don't fit him anymore.

It's like this, we (girls) have our little sentimental memories that clutter our homes, dressers and closets. Those favorite size 5 Jordache Jeans that you haven't worn since the '80's and those little keepsake treasures such as your prom photos standing next to some guy who isn't even in your life anymore.

Guys have keepsake items also and aren't so obvious. From baseballs, broken watches, computer parts and their ratty tattered old Iron Maiden Rock shirt. Unless your man has some sort of crazy "Sanford and Son" theme happening in your home and yard; let him have a few inches of keepsake space.

(...lest he ruin your Mother's Day!)
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Saturday, May 13, 2006
Leggo of my Swiss Cake Roll
Dear Mix: "My daughter's boyfriend is driving me insane. When he comes to our house he helps himself to whatever he desires. Yesterday, I bought two boxes of Little Debbies and this evening, when I went to grab a snack, they were gone. My daughter refuses to say anything to him. Any advice?" - Upset Mom in GA

No Way! You mean to tell me this evil Dirtball ate up all your Little Debbie snack cakes? Oh the humanity!

Your daughter isn't going to say anything to him because she likes him. What she doesn't know is that he is coming over just to get some. Snack cakes and YES that too!!

Where were you when this dastardly deed occurred? I can't help but think that if you were within eyesight, your daughter's boyfriend wouldn't be going down on your Little Debbies.

Why not try giving them something constructive to do while they are hanging out together. Making dinner for instance or baking some real cupcakes. Don't be afraid to be chalked off as "Corny Mom" - just do it already. If she won't say anything than you must say something. What are you afraid of?

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Friday, May 12, 2006
Jackasses Fascinate Me
"Why the blue donkey and flowers Mix? Are you a hippie Democrat coming out of your closet?" - Slim Jim from Texas

Sorry to burst your Texas-sized Bush Bubble, Jim; but for starters I'm far from being a Hippy. The entire "Peace and Love" ideal doesn't sit very well with me because there are matters that I hate enough to stand up and fight for.

The flowers I thought were pretty as I love to garden. I love trees but you'll never finding me hugging one. Although there are times I am saddened by watching my favorite kite-flying field replaced by a Home Depot store, I understand the need for progression.

Bottom line, progression is fine - just clean up after your mess and don't leave a vacant concrete jungle behind when you go.

As for me declaring one political party over another, I don't. My beliefs and desires for my country vary so that I cannot fit into some box of partisanship. It isn't that I dislike any particular party and I am glad that they exist for they provide a system of keeping each other honest.

Not that politicians are honest by any means but political parties have and will call a candidate out on untruths, exaggerations and their past. It all helps me, the little voter to make up my mind at the polls. Unfortunately as of the last few elections we've all witnessed mud throwing. That irks me and has a huge part in my disassociation with partisan warfare.

Other than that, politically and morally I prefer the "Free to be - You and Me" philosophy. No other country in the world can boast of such diversity. If I had one wish it would be that despite our differences we could be united in pride for our country, soldiers, citizens and freedoms. After all, we may not "have it all" but we do have the best.

Now stop making me blog about politics. You know how much I hate that!
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
13 News Articles this week that make me say...
Thirteen News Articles this week that make me say...
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
In Defense of the Mailman
Dear Mix: "Is it possible for a man and his girlfriend who both have brown eyes and black hair to have a blond, blue eyed baby? I need to know, because we did. Thanks." -Wondering in the UK

I am wondering when did my blog become some sort of "Dear Abby" column?

Scientifically Sir; there is this thing called recessive genes vs. dominant genes. Every now and then a couple can have a child that doesn't resemble either of them. To better explain, take your salt 'n pepper shakers. Put a fleck of pepper in the salt shaker. If you "bang" it enough times the fleck of pepper is bound to shoot out sooner or later.

Your Sperm and your girlfriends eggs are simply salt 'n pepper shakers filled with a long line of ancestors and their genetics dating back to Adam. That is, unless you believe in Darwin - then the chances of your girl giving birth to a flopping fish will really make you question where she's been.

Although brown eyes are highly dominant it is possible to bang out a recessive blue-eyed gene. Also, many babies (human and animals) are born with blue eyes and change later. The same with blond hair. I was born with and had blond hair for years, but as I aged it darkened.

My suggestion; Don't beat up your mailman yet. Don't reject the child or distrust your girlfriend without more solid, found and sensible reasoning. If you break up and are caught in the twisted legalities of child support - and still question your part in this child's life - perhaps maybe then you may want to have DNA testing done.

For now, take the safe road. You are involved in relationships that can suffer greatly if you end up doubting wrongly at their start. Above all, remember the child is the innocent one in all of this no matter what. So don't mess his or her head up for life over such stupid crap, okay?

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Monday, May 08, 2006
NJ Scraps 2nd Slogan in Less Than Year
Mercy me, it seems the state where I grew up and spent 30 years in cannot seem to agree on a state slogan. Trashing the previous two; "Come See For Yourself" and "We'll Win You Over" from this year's tourism television commercials.

Maybe I can help them out some?

With consideration of the toll-bridge traps leading into NJ from Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York; how about, "Come in for Free - Pay to leave."

In regards to Fuel Service Stations and the ethnicity of their owners, why not try "Welcome to the Middle East" as a catchy phrase. God knows there is enough sand in that state to qualify.

What bugs me the most are the commercials featuring a song by rocker "Jon Bon Blow-Me" and how they do not pay reverence to "The Boss" from Asbury Park - Bruce Springsteen. An obvious case of pure talent overlooked by some bubble-gum pop rocker wannabe. Whoever is in charge of NJ travel and tourism needs to get a clue already.

No wonder the annual Miss America Pageant left for Las Vegas after all those years. No wonder I left.

In the infamous words by Moltisanti of the Sopranos, I nominate; "Get the **** out of here." as NJ's new hip and sensible slogan. It's so colorful and oh so appropriate.
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How do you measure up?
Dear Ms. Mix: "My husband and I are having issues over parenting our "7" year old son. Contrary to your recent blog topics, my husband is VERY domestic. He cooks and does more housework than any man I know of. I feel that a father should serve as a manly role model for a son to prevent the son from becoming homosexual. How can I convince my husband to take this issue seriously?" - Concerned Mom in NC

Whoa Nelly, Mom! Is your husband prancing around in June Cleaver pearls and a "Hello Kitty" apron? If so, then you may have issues with your husband but not your son.

First off, there are many gay parents who raise kids who are straight as an arrow and many straight parents who have raised kids who've came home to announce that they are gay.

Your reasoning is off in outer space somewhere, Mom. Look at the brighter side, when your son is off to college you won't worry about him surviving off of a diet of beer and nachos. Visits home won't include 3 duffle-bags full of laundry. He will instead have a healthy sense of self-sufficiency, self-esteem and responsibility.

For the record and not that I agree with the notion, but it has also been suggested that "boys" who are raised by Mother's who bitch, bicker and nag often are apt to fear and fail in their relationships with other women. What standard of measure are you providing for your son to expect in a wife someday?

My advice: Quit the bickering. Buy your wonderful husband a bad-ass outdoor smoker/grill and season tickets to you local baseball team this summer. Be more appreciative, supportive and inspire your son to learn that marriage thrives on teamwork and love.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Ford Mustang Convertible
Okay, since a half-dozen of you have asked; some nicely - other's not so; I feeling the pressure to further define the "Yuppy Pony".

(Yuppy: n. "A young upwardly mobile professional person; someone under 40.")

Take a 38 year old guy, put him in a convertible sports car and what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Hey now, quit it with the small penis jokes!!

Now take Gon; a heavy-metal music loving, Pink Floyd-T-shirt wearing, man-in-black jeans and leather type of guy.

Imagine running into him in a crowded bar and he towers over you standing at 6'3". His voice is so deep he can vibrate the ladies labia from half-way across the room just by whispering.

There are only three possibilities to what kind of transportation a guy like this employs:

    a) A Hummer.
    b) A Harley.
    c) A Mad-Max Matt Black Classic Mustang with a 351 Cleveland Chrome Engine.

Instead he drives a turquoise, 3.8 liter engine, Ford Mustang Convertible. Alas, "The Yuppy Pony."

Dude needs his ride pimped, Yo!

Todays Issue: DEFINED
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The Yuppy Pony gets a bath!
Gon took Katie outside to play for a bit so I could straighten out a bit in the house. After tossing the laundry in, washing up breakfast dishes and other odds and ends - I stepped outside and witnessed a miracle!

The Yuppy Pony was getting a bath!

Great, but shucks... I have no "before" photos to share. A quick glance in the stuffed full "Curbie" and I found a Chinese food container with dehydrated Shrimp Fried Rice. There was at least 20 empty McDonalds cups and french fry containers. Cigarette Butts that were jammed packed into the ashtray sending off that vicious porcupine feel and effect.

My favorite thing of all was a "speeding ticket" lost and thus out of mind from 2 months ago.

Is Gon's drivers license still even valid by now? Suspended due to contempt? Eh, who cares at least the Yuppy Pony is clean even if he can't legally drive it at the moment. (What a ding-ding!)

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
My Husband's Crap
Are there any wives out there that have nitty-picky "Martha Stewart" clean Husbands?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

I ran across this blog this evening and had to share it's potential here at "Do you have issues?"

As I sit here writing this, the hounds are busy growling and playing tug-o-war with one of Gon's smelly ole socks that he so casually left under my kitchen table during dinner-time this evening.

Our bathroom sink is a duo; his/hers type of thing. His sink is literally growing a goat-tee. His side of the mirror is fogged over with toothpaste splatter. His desk... oh heck, let me just spare you the misery!

Maybe tomorrow I'll share some photos of the trashed "Yuppy Pony".

If I'm lucky I may convince Gon to join me in scrubbing the thing.

Does anyone have a Biohazard zip-suit I can borrow?
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Bush Honored "Doctor of Law" Degree
Oh no they did not! Looks like the first headline story in my news this morning is going to make me break down and blog about politics - despite my fearsome efforts to avoid kneeling to such low standards.

Now don't get me wrong, I like our President albeit for all the wrong reasons. He seems like a cool Dad, a decent husband and the kind of guy I wouldn't be afraid to pass the dutchie to if he happened to be on my left hand side during a backyard BarBQ. Why is that?

Because he breaks laws if they happen to be in his way. He's a rebel and I like that. So that is why this "Doctor of Law" Degree is really burning my buttons off this afternoon. I mean really now, if you landed yourself in a stink would you hire Georgie here as your public defender? Slick Willy, maybe - but that is a whole different story in itself.

Knowing law, studying law and obeying the law is a concept that seems to escape our dear Presidents front lobal region. Here we have Georgie-Poo who walks by a framed replica of our Constitution everyday and can't even recite it's preamble; landing an Honorary Doctorate in Law.

It begins with "We the People..." Dr. Bush. So quit the isolating Dude.

Oh heck, stepping off my soapbox now for awhile - unless I spy him out accepting another phooey parchment of implied sarcastic irony.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Memorial Day Blogger Contest
Memorial Day is fast approaching and I'm on a quest to find Bloggers who feature their heroes. From a fallen soldier, beloved parent, child, firefighter, police officer or best friend. Here is where we'd like to shout an appreciation to those who went before us and for those who so fondly remember them.

To Enter the Contest or to nominate a site; please email me at Margiemix@comcast.net or simply fill out the form in the sidebar. Please be sure to include the web address to the blog being submitted. Entrees will be judged in a positive light on content and design. Contest ends: "Memorial Day; Monday - May 25, 2006."

Winners will be given a "Memorial Day Mix Pix Button" of their choice to display on their site and recognition throughout the Blogosphere. Amateur Bloggers encouraged to apply!
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
"La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Porque no tiene, porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar."

Growing up I heard about them and even sang about them, but never met one face to face. My Grandmother (what a hoot she was) who used to live in one of those Senior Citizen Apartment Complexes, would out of the blue - hop on her sofa and cuss like a sailor because she saw one. It was terrible, shoes flying everywhere aiming for a bug that I never did get a chance to see.

Then I moved down South to Georgia. They say Georgia's state bird is the Mosquito but I'm left to question, which one? There are about 30 different varieties of the blood sucking buzzer. Sand Gnats are another terrible swarm of teeny things that will eat you alive out of nowhere. Jiggers, ticks, wasps, bees, and this abnormally they call "fire ants."

If my Basset Hounds could blog - they'd sure have a lot to say about flea season down here.

Then there are the cockroaches, 7 different breeds of them each more creepier than the next. American, Asian, Cuban, German, Oriental, Smokybrown and the huge flying stinky nasty Palmetto Bug. Here in Georgia everyone battles them although the richer folks would rather say they have "water bugs". Same creepy bug just a different regal name to make them appear less dirty.

Dirt does matter for the less dirt and crumbs you have in your home, the less they'll have to eat. But these nasty little critters even have taste-buds for glue. Wallpapering your home is out of the question, a box of envelopes must be sealed in a plastic ziploc and it's best not to venture into buying any furniture that's glued together or own a library of glue-bound books. These things sniff glue out from miles away and will pay a visit - when you least expect them.

Maybe I shouldn't complain as I'm pretty lucky and should be since I spend over $1,000 a year for exterminator services. Either way, the weather is warmer and they're back. I found two mating on the power brick to my cordless phone this morning. I'm not as freaked as Grandmom used to be but they sure have a way of making a young lady cuss.
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Monday, May 01, 2006
Because, I don't want to.
I'm going to "Mom Blog" today, forgive me but I need the release.

Kate decided that she is not going to use the Potty anymore this past week. I can't understand it for the life of me as she was doing so well, then out of the blue - this happens. I sat her down, asked her, talked about it and all she tells me is "I don't want to".

I ask her, "Will you go to the potty next time?"

She then gives me this plain, clear and straight-faced, "No."

Yet Little Miss Potty Pants does like to go into her bathroom. During her nap-time for instance. Today she unraveled a whole roll of toilet tissue and shoved it in Miss Guinea Pig's Cage. Then managed to empty an entire bottle of Baby Magic Lotion smearing it all over everything imaginable.

All this after the huge mess yesterday afternoon when I had to clean her bathroom from top to bottom. Including the rugs which I had just washed, dried and layed down this afternoon - now ruined with lotion.

  • Can't lock the bathroom to keep her out of it, in case she wants to use it.

  • We're back to expensive pull-ups because the mess is outlandish. Not to mention laundry.

  • And I can't spank her into the next century although I want to so badly.

That's it, when I'm old and she has to care for me - I won't just sit there in my nasty Depends. I'm going to reach down and fling poo on her ceiling!

Yeah, I know that sorta behavior will land me in a grimy old nursing home.

Calgon, take me away!!
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