Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Celestial University Alumni, Class of September '67
Dear Alumni Member of Celestial University's Class of September 1967:

Have you ever been stuck for hours at an airport? A flight has been drastically delayed and there are a few others waiting along with you. Different lives, different reasons but over all you are all anxiously anticipating getting to the same destination. You have coffee with some and talk about the delay, often striking up conversations with strangers whom you otherwise wouldn't.

In the same light, I believe Celestial Twins (those born on or around the same day and year) were soul beings gathered around in the same waiting area - awaiting their departure to be born. Perhaps we just graduated with our "Humanity Degrees" where our souls studied and learned about what we now perceive to be instincts or hunches. In a sense we were classmates and playmates and all great buddies.

We were intrigued as our Angelic Instructor taught us how to survive the Disco era, the cone bra of Madonna and the fading away of Michael Jackson. We were excited to learn about the technologies that would come available during our time here. We were moved with events that would sadden us yet inspired with the opportunity to develop a personal passion to carry out our "fleshy internship" with.

While in the waiting area for our "moment of birth" to arrive we never even gave a thought that there would be imperfect human parental units waiting to receive us. We excitedly conversed with one another wondering what race we would be, if we'd have any sisters or brothers awaiting us or have the opportunity to be a first born.

This all sounds weird, as I will fully admit. Blame it on my weird Grandmom who even today at 96 can come up with some mad, magical tales and fantasy. She told me at a very young age that I should find a "Birthday Twin." Something I never even gave thought to, other than her own personal experience being married to Grandpop who was 2 days younger than herself. That was, until I divorced at the age of 30.

My own birthday present to myself that year was my own PC and internet connection. That evening, I went to "Ask Jeeves" to see what things happened during my life on my birthday. Instead of events, I found all kinds of people with the same birthday as I and connected with quite a few of them.

Married one even! :)

I found that Grandma was right, there is a special bond or a celestial connection. Despite what many of us have in common or our differences - we found a way to find one another here on earth. Many whom I have talked to immediately felt like good old friends refound. The experience has been awesome!

I found Patrick back in 2002 when I was pregnant with my miracle daughter Katie. I found him through his Grumpkins website, which listed his birthday on his About Me page. I'm sure somewhere he still has my original email that read something like this:

"There you are! I can't believe it's been 35 years since that week before we were born. How's it going? Me, well - I ended up in one of those dysfunctional family units that our instructors warned us about. I managed to survive but this era certainly has been a challenge, just as we were promised.

You were so brave! Diving in with the first group. It took me 2 more days to get the nerve up to come down here. Finally it was Monday morning and I promptly took my dive down and arrived at 8:01 EST on 9/11. As a girl even!! Yuk! ...."

Well, anyhoo - my email intrigued Patrick to the 11th degree and we quickly became best buddies.

.... and here we are!

So Patty! Wow, it's been 42 years! I would had never imagined that when Patrick dove down 4 minutes behind you that the both of you would end up in the same womb!! Looks like you turned out to be a girl too! Aren't we lucky? I don't know, all this shaving, PMS, cramps and these bothersome breasts still seem nonsensical. I guess it could had been worse.

Speaking of Patrick, looks like he's completed his human internship with flying colors no less! Wow, he really turned up the heat on all that he was passionate about and he rocked. Those pumpkins are fantastic!!!! Not to mention the love and joy that he emitted, wow - that reached out to so many!! I bet our Celestial Instructor is going to give him an A+!!

Goodness, how can we beat that? It's going to be hard to do but let's try to match it. I'll be honest, my passions are still all over the place right now and haven't been so finely tuned as they should be. This life thing is hard to manage sometimes, juggling work, career and family. I'm lucky to get through a day to even write (which is my passion) half of the time.

I'm still chugging along with the giving and receiving of love and joy. (Lightbearer 101) It's hard to come by these days and I've found that I have to prod it out of so many. Sometimes that discourages me. I wonder how Patrick handled that?

It's a wonderful pleasure to finally catch up with you! Keep in touch!

Your Celestial Classmate,


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