Friday, May 12, 2006
Jackasses Fascinate Me
"Why the blue donkey and flowers Mix? Are you a hippie Democrat coming out of your closet?" - Slim Jim from Texas

Sorry to burst your Texas-sized Bush Bubble, Jim; but for starters I'm far from being a Hippy. The entire "Peace and Love" ideal doesn't sit very well with me because there are matters that I hate enough to stand up and fight for.

The flowers I thought were pretty as I love to garden. I love trees but you'll never finding me hugging one. Although there are times I am saddened by watching my favorite kite-flying field replaced by a Home Depot store, I understand the need for progression.

Bottom line, progression is fine - just clean up after your mess and don't leave a vacant concrete jungle behind when you go.

As for me declaring one political party over another, I don't. My beliefs and desires for my country vary so that I cannot fit into some box of partisanship. It isn't that I dislike any particular party and I am glad that they exist for they provide a system of keeping each other honest.

Not that politicians are honest by any means but political parties have and will call a candidate out on untruths, exaggerations and their past. It all helps me, the little voter to make up my mind at the polls. Unfortunately as of the last few elections we've all witnessed mud throwing. That irks me and has a huge part in my disassociation with partisan warfare.

Other than that, politically and morally I prefer the "Free to be - You and Me" philosophy. No other country in the world can boast of such diversity. If I had one wish it would be that despite our differences we could be united in pride for our country, soldiers, citizens and freedoms. After all, we may not "have it all" but we do have the best.

Now stop making me blog about politics. You know how much I hate that!
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