Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Are your Unmentionables April Downy Fresh?
"My landlord stopped by my apartment today while I was at work to fix my dryer. He fixed it and it works but he tested the dryer by washing and drying a load of my laundry! I'm very embarrassed because it was my lingerie and other unmentionables that were in the hamper. He's an old guy who lives by himself. My issue is that I don't know if I should thank him or should I remain stunned in my assumption that he is some dirty old pervert." -Feeling Violated in New Jersey

Your assumption? Do you mean you think he sniffed your dirty "unmentionables" or perhaps put them on and pranced around your apartment?

Don't get your panties in a wad just yet. There is a good chance your landlord's intentions were good and he felt that doing your laundry would help lighten your load, not his. Go ahead and thank him and see what he says in return.

If he says, "No problem, it was my pleasure." Than bless your lucky stars for you have just landed yourself free laundry services. - Mix

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