Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Tree Hugging Hippy Part I
One thing our old home didn't have much of was trees! It seemed the family who lived there before us thought it would be a grand idea to hack down all the trees and instead let the evil invader vine Kudzu swallow the house instead. We planted a few trees five years ago, and although they are much bigger now - they still have years to go before they canopy the old house. Providing shade and cool breezes in the heat of the summer.

This new place however, has GOTS 'ze TREES!! Lot's of 'em. From Cypresses, tall Georgia Pines, Magnolias and the famous, romantic and character of the Live Oak Tree that Savannah is famous for. Like this one!!

Nestled right in our front yard and hosting lots of birds and squirrel families. Azaleas skirting the bottom and Spanish moss draping like tinsel on a festive Christmas tree in the midst of a hot southern summer afternoon.

A perfect place for me to put a comfy bench swing for my Phat Ass on a hot, sultry summer day. A tall glass of Country Time Lemonade and barefoot. Yup, barefoot. As soon as I find said swing the scene in front of our new house will soon look like this!

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Monday, June 16, 2008
Happy Belated Father's Day
A Very Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Dads out there in Bloggerland! We had a relaxing and chilled out Dad's Day yesterday. Gon finally got the riding lawn mower to run. Funny thing about the riding lawn mower. It only works when it wants to work. There is no rhyme nor reason to why it won't kick over on one day versus another.

A "Gremlin" I say. A Gremlin.

Last year on Father's Day my blog post was a bit harsh concerning my own father and our past together. Looking back now, I won't delete the post but I do feel a bit differently concerning things. I'm glad that I let it all out and back then I needed to do that. Today, after so many events that unfolded this past year - my feelings are of grace and understanding.

If my Father wasn't the way that he was, I wouldn't be the way that I am today. I cannot blame him for all my idiosyncrasies or for anything that I do not like about myself. Instead I can credit him for all about me and my life that is right. Whether they be set by lessons learned by correction, good example or bad example.

Even the tough, unfair things - if it weren't for them, how could I be so passionate against such matters today? Strange as it may sound, we are all a work in progress - often generation by generation. We can accept what was wrong with our parents character and turn that around within our own. We can also embrace all that was good in our parents and carry on our shoulders the honorable and good things.

On another note, as promised I found the correct USB cable for the camera!! Here's a photo of BoBo's garden.

Happy Father's Day to all!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Our Beloved Bocephus
During all this non-blogging time, there has been a few bits of bad news. For starters we have lost our beloved Bocephus. Bo-Bo, for those who knew him well. (My apologies for the old picture, we're still in cpu connection mode, our network is screwy, our photos are scattered and my USB camera reader cord I just connected was the wrong one!!)

We rescued Bo from downtown Savannah over six years ago. He was beaten, dirty, shattered, blind in one eye, missing half an ear and had a lumpy head. After acquiring him we took him to our vet when we were told the next day that he tested positive for heart-worm. We opted not to put him through a risky surgery, but decided on lots of love and to continue to keep him on heart-worm meds in hopes to keep things at bay.

Bo, was my retard. Sorry, if I offend anyone by not being politically correct for I am rarely ever correct at anything. Politics or otherwise. Bo was indeed my retard and surely not mentally challenged - but rather, mentally content. It was all he could do to learn how not to crap inside the house and that is all he needed to know. He wasn't into ball chasing, but sure loved getting his back rubbed with our feet from time to time. He also spun around in counter clockwise circles. I guessed it was because of the half-ear thing and his equilibrium being out of whack.

He also knew that sometime and in somehow - kibbles fell from where ever I may be sitting or standing and thus was always under my feet or chair at all times. Funny how I really miss that, it's been strange going to the bathroom without my good ole' buddy Bo.

He passed on our third day here at the new place and I cried all day and night long. I wasn't ready to start gardening here just yet but did - and now have a special garden up front where Bo is buried.

It sure feels sad and lonely here without him. We won't replace him just yet - and I doubt if ever there could be a replacement to compare to what a sweetie Bo was.

Squirt has taken it well and decided to assign PopPop McCoy (Mr. IOH who passed last March) the duty of watching over BoBo for us while they are up there in heaven. I'm sure BoBo won't mind nor Mr. McCoy - and it's quite a wise and well thought out idea from Squirt in my opinion.

Well, off to bed for the night. I'll try to make it my mission to find the correct USB cord for my camera tomorrow. Now, if only I can get Gon to stop fiddling with that ancient riding lawn mower to help with the other things around here. Ugh!
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Friday, June 13, 2008
All is Settled
Hello fellow bloggy buds! It's been so long since I've hammered out a blog post which leaves me with a 101 things to update y'all on. Perhaps, rather 101 blog posts to come!

We are all settled in our new house. It's amazing and I fall in love with it more and more each day. Everything is unpacked, organized and in it's proper place. I'm so OCD it ain't funny but it feels so good to not be crushed under chaos and crunched living quarters any longer. My camera is charging and I'll have some great photos to share in the days and weeks to come.

One of the most recent unpacking and putting together was of "my" computer which I am typing on right now. Well, it's not all put together for Gon still has to find a few wires for my speaker system and printer. We had a bit of trouble for this house is a very OLD house. The walls are solid brick and plaster. Lord knows, maybe even asbestos is hiding in here. Either way, there is no hanging of pictures or shelves nor drilling of holes and running wires easily here. Wireless was the only way to go and the signal at first was flaky but seems to have kicked up a notch.

So now, there are no excuses not to blog anymore!

Thanks to everyone who faithfully stopped by to visit and whom left concerned well wishes and prayers. They kept me going in the past few weeks. The past few weeks which leaves me with lots of blog fodder to come!
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