Monday, May 08, 2006
How do you measure up?
Dear Ms. Mix: "My husband and I are having issues over parenting our "7" year old son. Contrary to your recent blog topics, my husband is VERY domestic. He cooks and does more housework than any man I know of. I feel that a father should serve as a manly role model for a son to prevent the son from becoming homosexual. How can I convince my husband to take this issue seriously?" - Concerned Mom in NC

Whoa Nelly, Mom! Is your husband prancing around in June Cleaver pearls and a "Hello Kitty" apron? If so, then you may have issues with your husband but not your son.

First off, there are many gay parents who raise kids who are straight as an arrow and many straight parents who have raised kids who've came home to announce that they are gay.

Your reasoning is off in outer space somewhere, Mom. Look at the brighter side, when your son is off to college you won't worry about him surviving off of a diet of beer and nachos. Visits home won't include 3 duffle-bags full of laundry. He will instead have a healthy sense of self-sufficiency, self-esteem and responsibility.

For the record and not that I agree with the notion, but it has also been suggested that "boys" who are raised by Mother's who bitch, bicker and nag often are apt to fear and fail in their relationships with other women. What standard of measure are you providing for your son to expect in a wife someday?

My advice: Quit the bickering. Buy your wonderful husband a bad-ass outdoor smoker/grill and season tickets to you local baseball team this summer. Be more appreciative, supportive and inspire your son to learn that marriage thrives on teamwork and love.

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