Monday, May 12, 2008
Monday, Monday
So here it is Monday again. Not that anyone is ever ready for Monday anyway, but what happened to Saturday and Sunday? Oh, I know - I worked them, thus why I don't feel rested and refreshed.

I gave up five hours Saturday to give Mrs. IOH's daughter the afternoon off. I didn't want to do that when she asked me the day before. She knows that we're in the middle of packing and moving. The weekends are my only time to do that. So I met her half way and worked five hours instead.

Brown-nosing. Yup, brown-nosing. Later this week I'm going to request a $1 raise to help go into my gas tank since we're moving one gallon of gas away. Making it two gallons per day to get to work and back. As long as the price of gas remains under $4.50 per gallon - I should break even.

Speaking of gas, I noticed a little sticker above the nozzle at the tank last week that read, "Contains 10% Ethanol." E10, they call it and it's some sort of congressional push to help ease our contribution to the environment. Even though it costs about the same amount of greenhouse gases to produce ethanol. My beef? Well, ethanol burns hotter thus causing less miles per gallon. Shucks. You'd figure at $3.70/gallon - we'd like to get the most miles out of our money spent.

Aw shucks. Anyhoo - not all is bad here on the home front. We're one week away from the final move. Despite working this past weekend I did manage to get a whole lot of packing done. My kitchen, which I saved for last was the most complicated part. Today, besides a few spare odd cups and plates plus the food in the fridge and pantry - it is finished.

All that remains are our computers, tv and other components. The washer/dryer and bed. Last but not least ourselves and our pets. The guinea pig "Piggy" is already in her new home and we'll be following very shortly.

I can't wait.


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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Mix'ed News
Sharpton Owes Taxes: I don't get it. They ride around in limos, fly first class and dine in fine restaurants - yet they are behind on taxes. Most high profile peeps and celebrities run their finances under the guise of corporations and are able to chew down the tax burden with various deductions and other offerings. Meanwhile most everyday working people have their paychecks vacuumed by the Feds, State and their employers every pay period. In fact if you worked for Rev. Al and were hurt on the job, you'd be screwed because he has failed to keep up with his workman's compensation fees. No, no, no, NO. If a high school dropout who works at McDonald's knows how to balance his checkbook, we should expect Rev. Al and company to do the same.

Myan-mart: Imagine if after Hurricane Katrina, our government confiscating all of the donated water, tents, food and clothing just so they could stamp, "Courtesy of Halliburton." on everything. Regifting is so cheesy. Messing with the devastated, destroyed people of your country is despicable.

Silent Democratic Superdelegates: What? Are they waiting for a check to clear the bank first? Enough torture already - speak before the Democratic party splits in two. At this rate I'm expecting the loser of this race to pull a Joe Lieberman on us and run independently this November. That folks, would be disastrous.

Woman Pregnant with 18th Child: Try breaking that record in China. Now, I agree that China's one child rule is too restrictive but shouldn't we all try to stay within some sort of "one child per parental arm" rule? Now granted all of the Duggar children seem well raised and refined thus far. They haven't experienced a teen-aged pregnancy or have returned home to find a keg party going down in their 7000 sq. ft. home. But stay tuned, the odds of having a black sheep of the family with 18 kids has got to be high.


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