Wednesday, May 10, 2006
In Defense of the Mailman
Dear Mix: "Is it possible for a man and his girlfriend who both have brown eyes and black hair to have a blond, blue eyed baby? I need to know, because we did. Thanks." -Wondering in the UK

I am wondering when did my blog become some sort of "Dear Abby" column?

Scientifically Sir; there is this thing called recessive genes vs. dominant genes. Every now and then a couple can have a child that doesn't resemble either of them. To better explain, take your salt 'n pepper shakers. Put a fleck of pepper in the salt shaker. If you "bang" it enough times the fleck of pepper is bound to shoot out sooner or later.

Your Sperm and your girlfriends eggs are simply salt 'n pepper shakers filled with a long line of ancestors and their genetics dating back to Adam. That is, unless you believe in Darwin - then the chances of your girl giving birth to a flopping fish will really make you question where she's been.

Although brown eyes are highly dominant it is possible to bang out a recessive blue-eyed gene. Also, many babies (human and animals) are born with blue eyes and change later. The same with blond hair. I was born with and had blond hair for years, but as I aged it darkened.

My suggestion; Don't beat up your mailman yet. Don't reject the child or distrust your girlfriend without more solid, found and sensible reasoning. If you break up and are caught in the twisted legalities of child support - and still question your part in this child's life - perhaps maybe then you may want to have DNA testing done.

For now, take the safe road. You are involved in relationships that can suffer greatly if you end up doubting wrongly at their start. Above all, remember the child is the innocent one in all of this no matter what. So don't mess his or her head up for life over such stupid crap, okay?

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