Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Meet Lil' Bit
A few weeks ago after loosing our beloved Bobo we decided to adopt a new pet to bring into our friendly family fold. Meet "Lil' Bit."

She was a nervous kitty at first and preferred to hide in the most oddest of places but soon enough, her playful kitten side was exposed and she fit right in to our crazy, untethered way of life.

Our 13 year old, 22lb cat Sass then became a wee bit nervous. Serves him right, for now that he isn't allowed to roam outside he has put on a little extra weight and needs the exercise that can only be brought to him via kitten play.

His way of sedating "Lil' Bit" is to give her somewhat of an angry bath - allowing her to submit and calm down, eventually to fall asleep beside him so he can gain a bit of peace and quiet around here.

Then of course, if in the case an angry bath doesn't calm Lil' bit down there is always the option of putting her in a headlock.

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Monday, July 14, 2008
Little Miss Entrepreneur
Kids have great imaginations so I've learned not to question much, but rather just let them go about their creative pretend play. Earlier this morning Katie seemed to have some sort of rock collection going on in the driveway. This venture later turned into a manufacturing process of cleaning the rocks in various solutions. Such as Wash, Rinse, Wax and Dry compartments.

Conveniently placed on the stockade fencing were two shelf like areas to proudly display the finished Rock product. While at it, it seems many stores have landscaped flowers in their parking lots or entrances - so off Katie went to snag one of my potted flower plants. Her imagination then turned our cooler into a sales counter/cash register.

Then she waited.

Waited patiently for over an hour for a customer to arrive. She quickly ran into the house and created a sign. Only she doesn't know how to write and make it say, "Turn here to Rock Store." Mommy could help write that, and so I did - while she ran to the front of the house and taped it to our front door.

Then she waited. Excitedly at first, for sure a customer will ride by and want to come see her store. After almost an entire hour she decided to ask me if she could tape the sign out on the mailbox by the highway.

Of course I said no, all we need is some disgruntled passerby to think there was a yard sale or something here, only to drive in and find a bunch of overpriced rocks. However I couldn't tell Katie that. Instead I tried to explain the need for sign permits and sales tax rules that need to be applied for, approved and done first.

Her little face was so disappointed. Not being able to stand watching her little heart break, I left her outside with Daddy. I quickly grabbed my eyeliner and drew a mustache and beard on my face. Grabbed a fishing hat of Jon's and tucked my hair up in it. I slapped on a pair of big dark sunglasses and snagged a long trench coat out of the front closet.

I walked around to where she was waiting, she didn't notice it was me at first - then I put on my best male accent and asked to buy a special rock. After lots of shopping and looking I found the perfect one. She wanted THREE DOLLARS for it!!! I was able to bargain her down to two bucks but she wouldn't budge any lower. I didn't expect that for I only grabbed a dollar out of my purse before I went out.

Then I found a bag of jacks and a rubber ball in one of the coat pockets. Something that was once hers but has been forgotten and left in the coat pocket since last January. She gladly bargained for one dollar PLUS the set of jacks.

Her day was made! She had a sale and she's ready to quit business for the day and come in to have some lunch. I turned around, mustache and all - and found myself face to face with the FedEx delivery man!

:sigh: He wouldn't even let me try to explain!!. :heavy sigh:
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Saturday, July 12, 2008
The Graduates
A big hip, hopping Hurray to our littlest graduate last month!

Squirt graduated with flyin' colors from Pre-school and now is all set and ready to begin Kindergarten this September. She nailed most all of the Sandbox 101 exams from sharing and caring to getting her first kiss and subsequently into her first fist fight.

She rocks her ABC's, understands her 123's but needs a little help this summer recognizing and writing numbers down. Otherwise we're off running forward towards September and many new ventures to a bigger school, uniforms, bus riding and a gazillion lessons in political correctness.

Next, another big, hopping, hip-hip Hurray to our biggest graduate last month!!

Gon did it!! He graduated with his BS in Information Technology with Honors, Magnum Cum Laude! We're all so very proud of him. No telling if graduate school is in the near future, but it is a consideration. For now, we're taking the summer off and chilling out together as a family.

Who knows? Maybe I'll return to college next!!

(Apologies for blog post slow down. The internet connection had been redirected by a certain unnamed college graduate of IT to his precious Xbox. When I'd ask, "Hey my internet is down. Take a look please?" - I would get a - "Ahhh, uhhhh... sorry honey - I don't know what the problem could be.")
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Friday, July 04, 2008
Happy Independence Day!

A very happy and safe Fourth of July to everyone out in Bloggerland!

Sorry for the absence again - our internet has been giving us problems. Hopefully things will be fixed soon for I have a ton of pictures and news to share!!
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