Monday, January 28, 2008
Waterfront Property
We ordered our new custom made house a few weeks ago. So for the last few days we've been busy packing and removing our things from our current old decrapitated tin can.

The new abode was to arrive this afternoon, but there was a slight snag in the delivery.

I should have known that the two car garage was overkill.

Now the delivery will be delayed and so will all of the traffic needing to get out to their residences out on Burnside Island now that the only bridge out there has collapsed.

I wonder what would be quicker and cheaper? Removing and replacing our house with a new delivery and repairing the bridge -OR- leaving our house there and rerouting the road/bridge a few yards to the left?

It'll sure be great to cook in a breezy kitchen and retrieve my fish/shrimp and seafood freshly caught from my dining room window.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008
St. Augustine, Florida - Day Two
Ok, the whole Fountain of Youth myth is busted. It's a crock. A bunch of Bologna... no make that a log of head cheese. Not only was I NOT any younger when I woke up this morning - I felt 20 years older. Hotel beds are often too soft and comfortable that our backs go into spazz mode the moment we wake up out of them.

Nevertheless, off we went to do the tourist thing.

Did I mention, we make terrible tourists? Yeah, I don't get the itinerary, whole rushing around wearing fanny pack thing. Stumbling upon or over things is more our style. One can run across some incredible things if you slow down and take your time. If you're lucky there's a possibility to find a place that offers FREE booze.

A Winery complete with full wine tasting tour that is. Gon and I swirled 29 varieties of wine in our glasses. Sniffed all of their fruity, spicy and Cleveland smelling bouquets. Swished and swallowed and stumbled out of the place feeling quite festive. Primed and ready for some sight seeing and man, oh man... what sights we did see.

20 Foot tall naked men are always interesting.

Big knockers are a whole barrel of fun also.

If you look deep and wide enough you may even find an Iron Maiden.

Here's Gon paying homage to the Great God Bullwinkle.

Now of all the places we can look and are allowed to look, there was one place that was clearly, precisely and most definitely forbidden. This hole was one of them.

So was this one earlier in the day.

Tossing your husband in an Iron Maiden is allowed. Fun to look in that whole window also.

After finding some hidden and untourist attractions we did take a little time out to visit Ponce DeLeon in all of his wardrobial poofyness.

One more day and I have a suspicion we're saving the best for last. We'll be back home in Savannah sometime tomorrow evening and I promise to post more then.

In the Meantime... Happy MLK day and remember, be content with your character. You're one of a kind after all. =O)
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Saturday, January 19, 2008
St. Augustine, Florida - Day One
"Founded 42 years before the English colonized Jamestown and 55 years before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock - St. Augustine, Florida is a time capsule capturing nearly 500 years of fascinating history."

...and here we are. (God help St. Augustine.) It was a rainy day, but nothing stopped us from jumping south on the ole I-95 for a MUCH needed mini vacation.

Of course as soon as we arrived at our hotel, Gon plugged in Mr. Lappy to check his email while Squirt played hide and seek inside of the wardrobe. It's a fairly spiffy hotel and our room overlooks the pool and water. Again, it's one of those "smoke free" establishments which seems to be the norm when it comes to hotel rooms lately. Screw it, for $209/per night and a can of Air Freshener - my Marlboro's are coming along for the ride.

Ah but of course, such actions could very well turn you into a jailbird of sorts.

That was our first rainy excursion. To the Old Jail House to check out the haunted stuff, the gallows and all the fun stuff that those Spaniards imposed on crooks and criminals. It's kind of fun to lock up your loved ones if you asked me.

The rain was a bit on and offish but we managed to sneak over to the Planetarium and take a swig from the infamous Fountain of Youth.

The water doesn't work, for I don't feel any younger. Not yet. Maybe it's a take an aspirin and wake up in the morning kind of thing?

Sounds like a plan to me. Got one of those big fat buffet breakfast bashes first thing in the morning. Some Hotel Church service for Jesus Freaks like us and well - then the rest of the day we're heading back down to where all the tourists roam to play for awhile.

It's supposed to be sunny so I'm sure we'll find loads of things to do. These Helicopter rides sound like a lot of fun. See y'all tomorrow.
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Margie Unplugged; "I'm Alive!"
Oh my, I was having so much fun that time must have slipped on by. I can't believe that I haven't blogged for over an entire week. Missing a day, or two here and there is normal, but an entire week? Oh my!

Who am I kidding? Folks, the truth is my Christmas tree is still up!! Our yard is still decorated and a big plastic Santa Claus from Wally World is still standing at the front of the trailer. Stockings are up and there is a Christmas Wreath still hanging on my front door. Yes folks, this is very, very disturbing.

Even Eeyore is still decorated for New Years and has yet to return to his normal state. However, since another commemorative holiday is upon us, Eeyore must get a little festive for the occasion. See, Eeyore my man isn't black nor is he white. He is gray and content with his character. In the end - that's all that really matters isn't it?

Anyhoo, back to the heart of the disappearing act I had just pulled. Seems I'm a bit on the burned out side. My brain is fried crispy and after coming home from long days at work, I can't seem to think. The old noodle is empty on most days. Emotionally drained for the most part.

I've tried writing at work. Bought a laptop and had internet service put in just for a little something to do. However, I can't get but five or ten minutes at a time before I need to get up and tend to a matter. Caring for the elderly is much more than just cooking, cleaning and keeping them comfortable. Unlike a nursing home, it's not like I can slap 'em in a wheelchair, roll 'em out on the front porch so they can watch the cars ride by.

I can get myself dressed, teeth brushed, makeup on and hair done in 2.3 minutes. Old peeps need a lot more time and assistance with simple matters like this. As well as to be reminded what they are doing. Yup, in the middle of a tooth brushing session we often stop and I'm asked, "So what is it that we are doing now?"

Happens often, even in the middle of eating, going to the bathroom or even taking a nap. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. However, there are many times when the clouds whisk away - even for only a minute or two. The real person, the real content of their character shines through and well... you really want to be there to see and hear that when it happens.

Over all it's been a rough week or more. Mrs. IOH passed out and had seizures on me and that was rough. I never thought I would be faced with the decision of hugging her on the kitchen floor safe vs. getting up and grabbing the phone to call 911 while she could wildly thrash and hurt herself. I opted to hold her safe until the seizures stopped. Meanwhile Mr. IOH was at the kitchen table scared and concerned. So he had to be comforted and kept sound while the EMT's came and took Mrs. IOH away to the hospital for a few days.

I need two of me. Is that even possible?

Mr. IOH has skin cancer and it has returned for the fourth time. He has to go to radiation treatments twice a day. Thankfully my dear, sweet and wonderful husband has offered to help take him there and that is a big relief. Unfortunately, Mr. IOH has three more cancer spots that have appeared in different places that they are not treating yet.

My heart is breaking every day. No wonder.

But let's see ... I have a three day weekend. And in one hour we're off to St. Augustine, FL for this nice little three day weekend of R&R. Bringing the camera. Bringing Mr. Lappy. Get ready for some fun posts and a great time. Turns out it's gonna rain ... but that's okay - it should make things very interesting.


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Sunday, January 06, 2008
The Seven Dwarfs of Menopause

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Margie Unplugged, "Crazy"
Obvious by my lack of posts for the week, 2008 started off with a bang. Our electric slammed off earlier in the week when we were having some wild, crazy and freezing cold weather. At first we thought is was the wind or a local transformer but soon found out it was us.

Yes, our breaker box had fried and some wires melted. I didn't gripe at all for the realization is too great - we could have burned in our sleep that night as many have done due to similar situations. The electric company came out and turned off the meter and our neighbors ran over an extension cord and a portable heater to get us through the cold night.

Work was a little crazy but not as bad as the week before. Mrs. IOH has been a charm and so has the Mr. but his skin cancer has returned again and he has to have radiation treatments twice a day. That was a shock for we thought it was going to be just once a day for five weeks.

Purchasing a laptop and getting internet service at the IOH home isn't working out as I suspected. I barely have a few minutes of sit down time at all. At least for the next few weeks.

Overall it's raining down crazy and I'm just remaining cool as a cucumber trying not to let the pressure bother me. We may be moving sooner than we thought but not to New England just yet. You may remember when we went out to look at a house a few weeks ago. We made an offer but it was turned down however, yesterday the owner called and wants to reconsider. I'm not packing just yet for it's all in the air and if it comes to be the house is furnished. I can take my time packing and bringing "stuff" over little by little.

It's all in God's hands as He knows my prayers and often, what is best for me even if I don't know it yet.


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