Saturday, May 06, 2006
Bush Honored "Doctor of Law" Degree
Oh no they did not! Looks like the first headline story in my news this morning is going to make me break down and blog about politics - despite my fearsome efforts to avoid kneeling to such low standards.

Now don't get me wrong, I like our President albeit for all the wrong reasons. He seems like a cool Dad, a decent husband and the kind of guy I wouldn't be afraid to pass the dutchie to if he happened to be on my left hand side during a backyard BarBQ. Why is that?

Because he breaks laws if they happen to be in his way. He's a rebel and I like that. So that is why this "Doctor of Law" Degree is really burning my buttons off this afternoon. I mean really now, if you landed yourself in a stink would you hire Georgie here as your public defender? Slick Willy, maybe - but that is a whole different story in itself.

Knowing law, studying law and obeying the law is a concept that seems to escape our dear Presidents front lobal region. Here we have Georgie-Poo who walks by a framed replica of our Constitution everyday and can't even recite it's preamble; landing an Honorary Doctorate in Law.

It begins with "We the People..." Dr. Bush. So quit the isolating Dude.

Oh heck, stepping off my soapbox now for awhile - unless I spy him out accepting another phooey parchment of implied sarcastic irony.

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