Saturday, February 13, 2010
Happy Valentines Day Squirt!
Dear Squirt,

You are my sun-shine each morning,
and my last thought every night.
Sun beams shoot out of your butt,
like Tinker-bell taking flight.

Sometimes I duck,
Sometimes I laugh out loud,
Sometimes I cry -
because you make me so proud.

Yes. Sometimes I frown,
Sometimes I pout.
Sometimes I just need coffee -
to get my sleepies out.

But ALL of the time I love you.
All of the time forever more.
Because you remind me all of the time
about what we are all living for.


P.S. Do NOT let Daddy read this! He gets all teary eyed and mushy when he sometimes reads what Mommy writes. That's why I fell in love with him. He always feels what I feel in my heart, believes in me and in what I believe and wish for. He will always do the same for you.

Remember this because someday you'll need to search the heart of a potential Prince and know without a doubt what kind of good stuffs you must find in there.

Don't be superficial for at times our Princes live like frogs and you may have to pick up a dirty sock or two in order to find the good stuffs.

Remember to forgive lots for you too will need forgiving lots yourself.

Never put a price on what a potential Prince will bring you. Only count the cost.

Those long stem roses may be rejects from his first choice in girl to gift them to earlier this morning.

They could be a last minute purchase on his way over from work,

or creatively fashioned with a pack of rolling papers and pipe cleaners.

He must love you without conditions and he must think you're the coolest chick in the world.

He will however, eat your last Reeces Peanut Butter cup but will offer to buy you more.

He'll mean that. Trust him.

Remind him.

Love him.

Pray for him.
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