Saturday, January 31, 2009
Hating Cold Viruses
I'm sitting here this afternoon really hating cold viruses. I can almost swear I've had three different ones back to back through this past week.

(Ah Choo!)

I can't stand cold medicine either. Bennies knock me out cold. The dull fuzzy feeling that renders a person unable to think, write or pick up their own mess.

(Ah Choo!)

Boxes and boxes of tissues! When I ran out of these, toilet paper. Paper towels and dinner napkins in a pinch. My nose now makes Rudolf look like he merely had Rosacea!

(Ah Choo!)

Aspirin makes me sick. Tylenol doesn't work. (Ah Choo! Ah Choo!) Advil Liquid Gels - Meh, maybe. Zicom (recommended courtesy of FlynFox) is doing it's best job.

(Ah Choo!)(Ah Choo!)(Ah Choo!)

Wow, a three for one there.

Anyhoo, little girls who draw pictures of their Mommies dancing in the freezing snow...

Somehow this makes the day seem much warmer and the cold virus; not so bad.

(Ah Choo!)
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
I've been spending more of my time over on Facebook - perhaps have become addicted to it. I'm not sure yet but an intervention may be necessary.

Sorry to leave y'all hanging on yesterday's post but I'm gonna do it again. The virus that attacked me upon awakening yesterday morning has backed off some. The nose faucet has slowed to a trickle and the tonsils went from the size of softballs to ping-ponger's. My spirit is a bit lifted also, but I'm still gonna housecoat and bunny slipper it today.

Gotta big day tomorrow. Squirt has an odd, let's throw this in to mess with Margie's program; Half-day. So I'm saving my strength up for that. I do after all, have to go to that evil place where they hold my paycheck hostage.
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Monday, January 26, 2009
Free Writing About the Funk
Let's see, where did I leave off? The last time I solidly blogged I was working and had come down with pneumonia right before Thanksgiving. We'll begin with the latter; pneumonia.

It takes weeks to get over pneumonia and for some reason or another I didn't quite believe that would be the case. Unfortunately this illness did some permanent damage to my right lung and I'm now forever armed with a Puffer for chronic asthma. It's terrible as I now have asthma attacks all of the time. Climbing up stairs, going out in the cold frigid air or whiffing anything chemical like a lady wearing too much perfume.

Topping that off the Dr. had put me on a few other medications for other health reasons that I now believe were giving me some sick feeling side effects. So we've been adjusting some here, ditching some there and replacing others until finally at the end of last week I was starting to feel normal and quite good again.

Then I wake up this morning with some sort of cold, sore throat and fever bug. Figures!

Ahhh, but then that job I used to have. Yes - for those in doubt, this was the absolute worse job on the planet! It suffers from a structure of anarchy where the owner could easily end the chaos but refuses to try anything different. Being friends with the owner made my decision to quit much more difficult.

Yes, the last two and a half months have been my funkiest ever.

But "The Funk" I now know has been hanging over my head for longer than this. After Mrs. McCoy had passed away I was to take the summer off and spend it with Katie before she started going to school full time. Then I fully believed that God was going to shine His heavenly light of direction upon my life.

In fact, I'm sure that He did do just that but it was me who wasn't paying attention.

There I was taking on a miserable job, being miserable and depressed, soon falling sick and more miserable yet. I know now that all of this could have been avoided if I had only listened.

So now, or rather yesterday during this wonderful season of Epiphany - I listened and that heavy funk lifted.

I'll leave y'all hanging on that thought for now.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009
Fast Food From the God Box: Missionary?
I suppose I should write here and now to explain where I've been...

...but I'll do that later. For now, I gotta focus on where I am going.

Today I've been churched and thus - should be good for the remainder of the week.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009
Wayback Machine: 7 and 11
Jon and I at ages 7 and 11.

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