Sunday, May 14, 2006
Rock Concert Shirt Clouds Mom's "Mother's Day"
Hey Mix: "I ruined Mothers Day for my wife this afternoon. I was going to get dressed and mow the lawn then I found that she threw away all of my concert t-shirts! Please explain to your woman readers they won't like it if their man went through their clothes and threw away what we hate." -RAGED ROBERT

Gosh Robert, she could have at least tore them up and used them as cleaning rags. In her defense maybe she tossed them because they don't fit you anymore and they're taking up room in your dresser. If you have been still wearing them and they don't fit, maybe she's doing you a favor by sparing your from the neighbor's snickering. You know, after watching you mow the lawn with a big hairy beer gut hanging out of a faded black shirt - four sizes too small.

Seriously though, per Robert's request; Girls - Please don't haul off a box of your man's clothes to Goodwill or the dumpster without letting him look through it first. Even if he (unlike Robert here) hasn't worn them in years and they don't fit him anymore.

It's like this, we (girls) have our little sentimental memories that clutter our homes, dressers and closets. Those favorite size 5 Jordache Jeans that you haven't worn since the '80's and those little keepsake treasures such as your prom photos standing next to some guy who isn't even in your life anymore.

Guys have keepsake items also and aren't so obvious. From baseballs, broken watches, computer parts and their ratty tattered old Iron Maiden Rock shirt. Unless your man has some sort of crazy "Sanford and Son" theme happening in your home and yard; let him have a few inches of keepsake space.

(...lest he ruin your Mother's Day!)
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