Thursday, March 09, 2006
100 Things About Margie Mix
About all there is to know about me. (That which I'm willing to tell that is!)

1. I don't like making lists unless I can cross things off of them
2. I love Basset Hounds
3. I don't like those who dish it and can't take it in return.
4. I don't mind rainy days.
5. I love to garden.
6. I'm married, happily - so don't hit on me thank you very much!
7. Yes, I can be anal.
8. I was born on 9/11...
9. My husband was born on 9/11
10. We were born the same year and within the same hour.
11. I have a daughter.
12. She is ornery and takes after her father.
13. I'm a girlie-girl and so is my Daughter.
14. ...but we both get dirty because Bubble Baths are fun.
15. I love reading and movies, particularly the classics.
16. I'm crazy about my husband & daughter
17. Canned meat scares me.
18. I have PCOS
19. My Mother is currently winning her battle against breast cancer.
20. There are no ribbons stuck to my vehicle.
21. ...but I do have a Jesus Fish!
22. I am a Christian.
23. I don't belong to any denomination although baptized Methodist.
24. My teeth are 100% real.
25. My Ex-husbands are not.
26. I love Sushi.
27. I drive an SUV
28. I love good smells and fragrance oils.
29. I can't stand bad or musky smells.
30. I hate shopping and only go because I need to.
31. My favorite color is forest green.
32. You'll often find me barefoot or wearing Birkies; even in the wintertime.
33. My Grandparents are still alive and bowl 3 nights a week.
34. I have a BA in Communications.
35. Hubby is currently getting his BS in IT as a non-traditional student.
36. I love Creme' Brulee'
37. I despise clowns, even the happy ones.
38. Don't ever have wait-staff sing "Happy Birthday" to me in public.
39. I have two younger sisters.
40. ..they both are noodle-brains
41. ...and I love them dearly anyway.
42. I play the guitar and clarinet.
43. I'm a happy person most of the time.
44. I have blue eyes.
45. My feet are small.
46. I dig country music and love rock and roll.
47. I smell nice.
48. I don't like getting my picture taken
49. I don't vote between two evils, but instead pray for our leaders.
50. I own a Guinea Pig, her name is Miss Piggy.
51. I own two budgies, "Pickles and Gherkin"
52. My husband is a computer genius,
53. ... he's also a bit geeky.
54. I love the ocean and beach.
55. I can't stand snakes.
56. I will evacuate when a hurricane is coming my way.
57. But will sit outside and enjoy a tropical storm.
58 .I cannot stand cruise ships
59. ..I would rather go camping.
60. I love the Mountains.
61. I love to hike.
62. I own a bike, it's been neglected.
63. I make my bed each and every morning...
64. ..because that is where I dream my dreams.
65. I hope my daughter has more opportunities than I have had.
66. ..and learns from my mistakes instead of finding out on her own.
67. I hope to have one more child.
68. Dad wants a boy this time, but I want a girl.
69. ...Because Sisterhood is priceless.
70. I was hit by a Greyhound Bus
71. ... and am here, for the most part healthy and whole to tell about it.
73. I have smoked marijuana and inhaled.
74. No, no, no, no I don't smoke it no more. (but only because it's illegal.)
75. I love to be lazy.
76. Staying in pajamas all day is a blast.
77. I love coffee with extra creamer.
78. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are evil.
79. I do not like spinach and brussel sprouts.
80. My bedtime is 11:11pm because that is when Patrick thinks of me.
81. I have boobs and they get in my way.
82. I sleep on my left side.
83. Clutter irritates me terribly.
84. I don't like knick knacks
85. I like candles
86. I love the outdoors
87. I don't like insects & rodents
88. I love to grill outdoors whenever possible.
89. My favorite cartoon is Professor Peabody and the Pink Panther.
90. I love my last name.
91. I am originally from South Jersey
92. I miss Philly Cheesesteaks, Hoagies and Tastykake Pies.
93. I have no backside, it's flat as a board.
94. Many have said I am clairvoyant
95. I love to cook and bake, it's the cleaning up that I don't like.
96. I'm really bad at remembering numbers & dates
97. I absolutely love my inlaws.
98. My husband and I are in business for ourselves.
99. We both hate time clocks and been fired because of them.
100. Last but not least, I'm happy as a pig in mud that I'm finished this thing!

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  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger Noushu says: said…

    Nice one,these words are ur strength. keep it up. thanx for ur comments.

  • At 10:46 AM, Blogger Valtool said…

    Considering the commanalities of the 4 things post, this just gets weirder....

    1. Amy is always making lists with things to cross off.

    2. Last December we got our first dog (a Bassett Hound named Lucy)

    8-10. Amy and I were both born on January 15, though I was born 4 years eaarlier.

    11. We wish to adopt a daughter from China.

    15. Both of us do too, but Amy knows non of the classics.

    18. Me too, er, wait, not me, Amy too!

    20. Same here.

    21. No, but I do have a Calvin kneeling before the cross.

    22. Amy and I both too.

    23. me too.

    24. me too.

    26. me too, Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    34. me too, from UCF - PR/Advertising.

    42. taught myself enough chords to lead youth worship and played trumpet in school.

    48. Amy is with you here, except her wedding day.

    51. What is a budgie? ( know what a wedgie is)

    55. Who can?

    58. Never went on a cruise before I got married, have since been on 4 and love them.

    62. Me too.

    67. Me too.

    73. Was offered and decelined. Was shooting photos freelance and a band I worked for several times used a LOT of pot.

    78. Love them, but also decline.

    81. I used to, but then I lost enough wait - no man boobs here. I do like female boobs quite a bit.

    85 and 86 are almost repeats.

    92. ME TOO! Especially the individual pies. You can get boxes of the cake products like cupcakes and krimpets in the grocery in GA and FL now. How do you feel about scrapple?

  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Louisiana said…

    i loved reading your list. incredible how you and the hubby have the same bday and so close in time, wow..

  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I've lost your email again. Pls send it to


  • At 6:14 PM, Blogger Meg Wolff said…

    I had to check out your blog because I saw that you had The Good Earth down aas your favorite too. Love your about me. My sister Liz was also born on 9/11. Amazing that both you and your husband were and hours apart!

  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger In Dino said…

    I googled 'I Have Issues' and your blog came up. I have just read the 'About Me' part. I am convinced that you do have issues. Do you chase them or are you plain happy having them? That's the issue!

  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Awesome comment @In Dino. Yes, I sometimes have issues and some I'm happy about having while others I can't quite always figure out. That is an issue all to itself.

    Lately I've been so busy that I've let smaller issues just roll off my shoulders as if they were just a drop of rain. Rarely do I have a soaking issue to deal with, but when I do - it needs solving and I will stop at no lengths to solve it.

    Even if that means I have to drive my car through someone's backyard swimming pool. YOLO!

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