Saturday, August 05, 2006
Nursemaid's Elbow
I feel so guilty in so many ways this afternoon. I would like to give an apology to my Bloggy Buds I didn't stop by and visit yesterday. Squirt has what we now know as Nursemaid's Elbow and I had spent most of the day and evening in and out of Doctor's offices and the X-ray Department.

Nursemaid's Elbow is a spiffy label for a dislocated elbow and had gotten the name as it most happens with a hand-holding caretaker who does a safety yank and pops it right out. Thus my next guilt trip because it wasn't a safety yank that did poor Squirt's elbow in. She wasn't about to fall or run out into the street. Instead it was the "Knock off the tantrum and get over here and sit down and chill" kind of arm yank.

The Doctor tried to relieve my guilt and promised that this didn't constitute child abuse or anything. In fact it happens often in children under 5 for a variety of different reasons. Not that it made me feel much better about it and soon I felt worse when the Doctor told me he had to reset the dislocation and warned me it was going to hurt Squirt while he does it.

However, the tough little girl that she is didn't even flinch a second while he popped her Ulna back into it's joint. Instead of crying she looked at the Doctor and said, "Hey! You STOP that!" Amazingly she began to move it and everything seems to be okay now. She still has a temporary cast until she visits the orthopedic this week but only to ensure it doesn't pop out of place in the meantime.

This toughness in her is what really drives Daddio and myself crazy. When it comes to discipline, spankings would be fruitless because she doesn't cry unless she is in a whole lot of pain. She gets MAD at pain or embarrassed when she falls down. She is the brush herself off, get up and rant a little attitude type of 3 year old. Time Outs aren't so effective either. Such as last night when I told her to sit out for a few. She raged like mad and said to me as she often does, "Well Daddio loves me!"

As if I don't! Arrrrrggghhh! So I replied, "Daddio and Momma love you but we don't love the bad things that you do and the fact that you do not listen to us." She sat there in deep thought for a few moments and replied, "Well Jesus LOVES me this I KNOW for the BIBLE TELLS me SO!!!!"

How can I argue with that? She is right! Geez, only 3 years old with the stubborness of an old mule and the determination to argue and always have the last word!!! Where oh where Lord does this child get this kind of attitude?

Yeah I know, from her confident Momma and Daddio and another why I feel so guilt ridden this afternoon!
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  • At 7:26 PM, Anonymous robin said…

    You can't argue that...and don't feel bad. My niece had nurse's elbow from the same thing...and so did one of my little Sunday School kids..

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous casapinka said…

    yeah, don't feel bad at ALL. i'm an er doc and gave my kid a nursemaids and i put it back myself. he wouldn't let me near him for a week (you want guilt?!)

  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    please help, I understand all you parents who inadvertently did this; however (and I have to be careful how I word this)I have a "friend" who's 6 yo daughter received this injury from her dad who just got unsupervised visits. I should add that the dad has a history of violence against women but NEVER this child. Am i over reacting, the hospital said this was suspicious b/c of her age. Though not enough to file a formal complaint. I want to trust the pros
    but this is a child. thanks call me scared and confused.

  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    @Anonymous: Usually Nursemaids elbow happens before age 5 because the ligament there is loose and not bound on quite yet. For it to happen at age 6 would be suspicious.

    Your friend should ask the child the context on how this happened. My girl was laying on the floor having a screaming tantrum when I did this. 6yr olds don't usually have toddler tantrums like this. They can heed spoken commands to get up or get out of harms way usually. That is what makes me suspicious.

    If he yanked her out of anger and he has a history of abusing others - then this should be noted. He may have anger issues. :(

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