Tuesday, June 13, 2006
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Nothing gets your blood flowing than opening up your laundry hamper and have a 4" roach fly right at you!

The rich, the poor and the dirty, the clean - nobody is immune to the dreaded Palmetto bug.

7AM this morning our unwelcomed guest made his first and final debut. After a hot shower and shave I proceeded to toss my towels in the hamper and lo an behold, there it was. Sitting there on top of yesterday's worn sweaty socks like it was his own personal hang-out.

Then it hissed at me! Or maybe it was the sound of it's wings. I have no idea, but trust me there was a noise involved as this giant tried to dive bomb me. I was completely vulnerable and dressed in only a towel and without a shoe in sight to defend myself.

Now men don't scream nor do we shriek in a moment such as this. Instead we tend to keep our calm and use plenty of expletives. Which I proudly did with passion as that creepy bug flew around the bathroom hissing and making that "tic" sound each time it landed on the counter, ceiling or sink.

My only means of defense was my wet towel wrapped around me from my earlier shower. I wound, aimed and snapped at that bugger managing to bring down the window curtain and breaking the toothbrush holder in the process. A sure signal to my wife and daughter that I may be in distress.

In the bathroom my family came and out the bathroom door the roach escaped. Squirt ran back into the living room screaming, "It's going to eat me!" I'm still not sure while recalling this evening if she meant the Palmetto bug or my naked backside.

Either way, my family troops were deployed and armed to the hilt with available shoes and me with my snapper towel. 10 minutes and a bedroom of destruction later I finally delighted in the sound of it's crunch as I 'moab bombed' his crunchy carcass into oblivion.

My wife than scraped it up with a tissue and flushed it down the toilet. I can't tell if she's angry at me or not, but she is still looking at me quite strangely and quietly this evening. Maybe I should have helped her put the bedroom back together?

- submitted by Gon
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