Monday, July 31, 2006
Kama-Chiropractic Sutra
I've been slacking on the blogging this weekend due to some terrible pain in my right hip. The kind of "please bring me morphine so it stops" kind of pain. No need to worry for it isn't anything soft tissue caused, like my appendix or ovary. My innerd-gizzards seem to all be working well.

Medically the PhD calls it Bursitis while the Chiropractor tells me it is misalignment and it's time to come in for an adjustment. The Doc can't see me until Thursday but the Chiropractor says "Come on in!!" So off I went for some much needed relief.

My entire body was twisted into a pretzel, bent, contorted, cracked and popped. Places I never even thought were hurting weren't even hurting anymore, if that makes any sense. All my places except for that dreaded terrible hip pain that was still bringing on the tears.

Dr. Weber stared at me for a moment then said he wanted to try something different. "Get up on your knees and assume the position," he told me.


"On your knees. Face down and buttocks up as high as you can get them," says the Doc.

"Oh, you mean Doggie-style. Like this?"

"Exactly Margaret. Now tell me, how does your hip feel?" he asks.

Wow! To my utter amazement the pain in my hip subsided to only a dull ache just by laying in this position. Then Dr. Weber got up on the table behind me to give me one last adjustment.

With his hands on each buttock he pushed both of my hip bones apart and away from each other. It felt like, well... remember putting your fingers in your mouth and pulling on each side of your lips, stretching them while you had your tongue out? You know, the kind of face your Momma told you to not do because it may get stuck like that? THAT kind of feeling.

Then just when I thought he had ripped me a new fecal exit ramp, my hip popped. The flood of relief could had been the rush of natural pain endorphins or it could have been an orgasm. Who cares as I haven't felt this terrific in months!

I can't wait until Gon returns home so I can teach him some Kama-Chiropractic Sutra tricks!

"Karma-Chiropractic Sutra - The only way to get bent!"

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  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger doctor chip said…

    "fecal exit ramp".

    exquisite medical
    terminology... !



  • At 11:02 PM, Blogger overactive-imagination said…

    I se we share the same sick sense of humore because that really cracked me UP!!

    Too funny.

    and a LOL just o bug you....ooops I mean....what was that other phrase???

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