Thursday, July 13, 2006
Feeling Old This Morning
Tell a teenager today that when you were a kid you had to walk a mile each day to school and they'd give you that blank stare as if you lost your marbles.

My Momma did the 5 mile walk and proved it to us. If she had lived just one street over she would have qualified to ride the bus which was enlisted to transport children who lived outside of the 5 mile radius of her High School.

Grandpa gave us the old "walk 10 miles to school after 2 hours of chores through snow waist high" story. We'd laugh and immediately assume he was bluffing. "Come on Grandpa, if it snows the schools close and we'd have a Snow Day."

He'd just shake his head and stroll off mumbling something to the tune of, "Kids these days..."

Today Grandpa is 90 and as I sit here at 7:00 in the morning, I know for a fact he's been out weeding the gardens, working in the yard or project for the last hour. You can pretty much guess he's already had breakfast and not just a bowl of Captain Crunch. I'm talking eggs, sausage, grits, toast and coffee - an entire buffet. Yet there won't be a single dish in the sink. They've already been washed, dried and put away and if anything is left it's the coffee cup he brought outside with him. You can also bet that coffee cup will find it's way back inside before lunch.

Grandpa doesn't even go to bed early, he bowls on the late league 3 evenings a week. While staying in the spare bedroom during my last visit, I fondly remembered when I used to sleep in that same big bed when I was a young'un. The routine hasn't changed only the Tonight Show Host has. When Jay Leno says "Goodnight", the Pall Mall gets snuffed out and the TV clicks off.

He used to be able to stay up 5 minutes later to hear the Station sign off the air and stand for the National Anthem. Like a Bedtime Prayer he honored his country with Patriotism and pride as a man who served his country in WWII. Today he climbs the stairs mumbling something to the tune of, "Kids these days..."

Here I am this morning at the age of 38 feeling like I have just ran a marathon. All I've done was get out of bed, fix a cup of coffee and turned on my laptop. I'm looking out of my window watching two baby bunnies munching on my overgrown lawn wondering what time our landscaper will show up.

Squirt has just awaken with enough pounce, spunk and energy to run 10 miles through waist high snow just to learn her ABC's. While I stroll off mumbling, "Jeez, she is up early this morning."

Our society is doomed and all I can do is blame that dastardly yellow school-bus that is going stall up traffic on Whitfield on my way out to work this morning.

Instead of my "old" self.

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