Monday, August 28, 2006
"I'm Melting!"
Since I decided from the beginning only to weigh in on every other Monday I have no idea how much I've lost this week. However, I can shout a few hallelujahs because some clothes are fitting a bit better! My favorite dress now feels at least one size too big when only 2 weeks ago my Boobies were squashed in there quite tightly. Why are they always the first thing to go? I kind of like them the size they are now but I know they are going to deflate from here on out. I wonder if a few bursts of helium will help me to "lift and separate?"

I've been doing research on Insulin Resistance and have implemented two natural "help me outs" to see what happens. The first is Diachrome a natural supplement of Chromium and Biotin made especially for peeps with Diabetes II. Although I don't have Diabetes, I do have problems absorbing insulin and Diachrome is specially formulated to assist insulin to break down blood sugars into energy. Instead of leaving those blood sugars to morph into stored energy otherwise known as nasty fat cells. I've also read that our common spice of Cinnamon has similar qualities.

Today my two week induction is over! I can now go to Phase Two and up my diet from under 20 carbs per day to 25. I'll spend the next few weeks getting to know my foods and their carb content and experimenting with a few different recipes.

My only failures again this past week was my addiction to Sushi. I tried, I really did. Friday night we stayed home and had a delicious fish dinner instead, but all I could think about was what I was missing. By the time Saturday evening rolled around we HAD to have Sushi. They know us well over there at Sakura's and I was able to ask the Sushi Chef if he could add Tamago (egg) and cucumber to my tuna roll and cut down on some of the rice. The result was beautiful. My other failure was stealing two French Fries from Katiebug's Happy Meal. Hey! I couldn't help it! Just smelling those evil things are tempting.

Who knows, with all of this newfound energy and lift of depression I may even start a small walking routine to see how it goes. Here is a very inspirational blog-post that Dr. Andrew shared just last week from another fellow dieter concerning exercise. I am not the exercise type of person and this post gave me a bit of inspiration. As a full time business owner, wife, secretary/accountant to a husband who has his own business and a full time Mother - 30 minutes a day has a price. My next effortless move would be to sit here for the next week and think about ways I could possibly squeeze in such a thing.

I'm such a lazy shit, maybe that is why this diet works so well for me. We will see what the scale reads this time next Monday and I have a feeling I'll be quite shocked. Until then - thank you to everyone for their wonderful support! I also want to shout a big Hello to those Bloggy Buds who are dieting along with me. Everyone is doing so well.
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  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger TC said…

    You have so much more strength than I do to be able to hold off on weighing in. It is all I can do to weigh in once a week and some weeks I sneak a peak earlier.

  • At 1:41 PM, Anonymous robin said…

    Anything is better than nothing, girly. My goal for this week is to add one more glass of water daily (currently I only drink about three). One thing I've noticed (that you are probably noticing) is an increased energy level. Used to, I could only do about 20 pilates style sit ups before getting exhausted. I got to 20 last night and I could feel the burn but I was not tired. I was able to go to about 35 (they are very slow moving sit ups - vertebrae at a time).

    Keep it going, you can do it!!

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