Sunday, April 30, 2006
Chump Change
It's been brought to my attention that the advertisers within my blog annoy some readers. Do they really now?

My first thought when approached with the notion of making money from blogging was a big solid yiping YIKES! For starters I would only do it if I could control it's content and the advertisers themselves. I know how annoyed I get with those dreaded "pop-up-ads" and those mind-boggling floating side ads that Geocities is so fond of. While mouse-potato'ing through different blogs the other evening I had grief over quite a few that locked up my browser or wouldn't let me out. Here at "Do you have Issues?" I promise not to make my readers put up with anything I couldn't stand myself.

Linkshare is a great affiliate program and does allow you to choose your advertisers. I dread real shopping and malls. The crowds, the temptations and the people who can't get out of your way - that's annoying. Whenever possible if I can shop online and have that handsome UPS man bring me stuff, I'm all over that. I'm lazy. Now if only Kroger would bring me some groceries I'd have it made. No luck though, as I gotta go there here shortly as we're running low on milk.

The advertisers you'll see here are the same ones I have had experience with and gave over the "bling-bling". Amazingly, allowing them to have a bit of blank space here brings me in some "bling-bling" as well. Nothing major for certain but it's that little chump change that encourages irresponsible spending.

There's nothing worse than filling your gas-tank these past few weeks. It's pretty darn bad when you shake the nozzle just in case there is a measly little drip or two left in there. Even worse when it cost $40 and you get to thinking, "I worked 2 full hours dealing with nutters at my job just to fill my gas tank so I can go to work again next week." Discouraging.

Chump Change eases the pain at the gas-pump. It pays for the Milk, the diapers, the eggs, the bread and all that stuff I complain about buying. So please, pardon my meek attempts at the "bling-bling" - I'll keep 'em inconspicuous. But if you're tempted by them... by all means go for it!
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