Thursday, June 08, 2006
What Girls on-line have to tolerate...
Hi Margie: "I'm Michael, a Southern Black Gentleman. I hail from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, (can you spell that lol), and recently moved to this area. You seem like you might be an interesting person to talk with, so don't prove me wrong lol. I'm 6'1", slender build, work as a Hospital Administrative Officer, mostly nites and alot of weekends, (the pay is good, which makes up for the lack of a social life). If your interested, consider writting back. I'm single and not looking for a relationship. PS: I'm not a stalker or wierdo, at least thats what my therapist says, (just kiddin). So if you want to HOLLER back."

What in the tarnations is this?!!! I could be a stalker or a wierdo!! I've been certified as worse, at least that's what my parole officer and psychotherapist say!!!!

(Hey now, you told me to "holler" back if I wanted.)

I'm Margie (as you know) a damn Yankee from New Jersey with a Philadelphia attitude, holed up down here in the South by a court ordered ankle bracelet because I'm a supporter of antidisestablishmentarianism. (try spelling that lol) I'm 5'7' and stacked like the freekin' Michelin Man. Imagine a 180lb vacuum packed Ziploc-bag, chock full of cocktail weiners. Now add tons of body hair to that imagery. This, Dear Michael is what my a** looks like.

I am employed as a Domestic engineer of a 2 bedroom/2 bath trailer on wheels. I breed cockroaches for fertilizer by using "half-empty-mason-jars-of-sweet-southern-iced-tea" as knickknacks throughout my home. My ceiling fan alone has more hair than your typical southern basset hound has on his whole entire body but not nearly as much as I have on my own.

I'm married and not looking for a romantic, casual or discrete relationship. However, since you seem to have connections working as a Hospital Administrative Officer - I could use a hook up with some of those vials of "Demeral" (most likely found in the maternity ward drug locker, for that is where I spyed them last.) So sure, I'm interested and will like to write you back.


PS: Sorry for the freak-out but you did ask for it.
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