Friday, June 02, 2006
Blast to the Past
Yesterday regarding my T13 Karen asked me: "How do you get cut & color to work at the same time???"

It was a terrible comedy of errors. I blogged back in March about my terrifying ordeal with the evil hairdresser from hell. Here is what I looked like:

The cut was the only thing she did right. For some odd reason she felt my hair needed to be "stripped" and I had let her, trusting that she was the expert in such matters. NOT! Thankfully a few days later I went somewhere else to repair my color and he did a fabulous job. Matched my natural color to a tee! (Gotta love those "metrosexuals!") Wayne has been taking care of this mop for 2 months now and I haven't had a bad hair day since.

Jessika said, "I find out more & more about why you have issues & wonder why they are issues.":

Yesterday morning I must had been on a manic high and feeling all lovey and emotional. (Uh oh, PMS incoming!) I was searching and often searching very hard for something good to pull out of some past situations and to apply them to how I currently look back at them.

There are many issues that lay in the shadows behind yesterday's facade. I grieve, feel saddened and sometimes angry and helpless over some situations; past and current. Often I awake to some sort of Monster Issue hanging outside my door sitting on my Welcome mat. In the long run - I suppose; I've been conditioned not to let the Monster's in.

You have to recognize which monsters are merely scary "ghosts from the past - and those knarly toothed ones who can bite you in the ass." Once you figure that out the battle is halfway won. -Margie

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