Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Doctors Remove 3rd Arm From Chinese Baby
Surgeons in China today reported that they had successfully removed a third arm from a two-month old baby, after a pioneering operation which lasted for almost three hours.

Liu Jie-Jie astounded doctors and captivated the public when he was born with two left arms on April 1. Tests were unable to determine which was the stronger. Doctors opted to take the one closest to the baby's body.

All my prayers to Liu Jie-Jie and his family, but with all respects; do you realize how often many of us pray or wish we had a 3rd arm or hand? I suffered many crooked necks from trying to feed a baby and scratch an itch at the same time.

Ever try to eat while blogging? Imagine being able to type and use your mouse all at the same time? Need help carrying those groceries in from the car?

A perfect example of evolution at work and here we are muffing things up again.
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