Friday, June 09, 2006
God IS Good!
Hey Margaret! "I found your blog by accident and wondered for a while if it was you! What happened to the blond I used to know? What ever happened with Eddie, do you hear from him?" -Henry

HENREEEEEEEEEEEEE! What's up my man?!

I'm still blonde, just a different shade that works better with those incoming whites and grays - courtesy of the "middle-aged mothership".

Eddie's 43-year-old gambling addiction finally paid off and he landed a 19 year old chick from his hometown in NJ. They've been mating like bunnies and now have four kids between them. (One set of twins.) Adorable little darlings.

He has this spiffy job working for the automotive division of this big corporation named Wal-Mart down near that big fancy place; Atlantic City. Contrary to my previous concerns he has been eating very well. Overall he's fine and would probably love to hear from you.

Here is a recent picture that he sent to me. His wife, the twins, her son and the girl in the middle - towards the back - that is his daughter from his previous marriage but NOT from his previous wife.

That my friend, is what happened to him. God IS Good! -Margie
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