Sunday, April 30, 2006
Internet Haters
I just don't get this subculture of "Haters" from clubs, listservs or message boards. Yeah I know, this blog is titled "Do You Have Issues?" and my listserve "Discordant Collywobbles" can be simply defined as inharmonious belly-achers - so I haven't much sense to grumble. Except for the fact I believe complaints can be resolved or at the very least we can be directed to aisle 3 for a wide variety of anti-acids to choose from.

When I was a kid, everything was about why you liked something. You were obsessed with it and you couldn't wait to get more of it. Now we have people who want to get together and complain about a thing or tell us why it's wrong... over and over and over again. I don't get it. If you don't like something or someone why even waste two seconds talking about it?

Particularly over the internet, people have a sense of anonymity online and are often totally spineless. It's one thing to hate something, a culture or a political view - but it's a whole other thing to hate the person, particularly if a person never did anything to harm you personally.

Neither am I insisting upon Political Correctness, if I were to hate anything at all - it's this entire PC notion we've been subjected to. Take Christianity for example, I'm a Christian but once someone hears me say that they jump over the sofa and cover themselves as if I'm going to hurl lightning bolts at them. Other's immediately put me on their blacklist-of-hate even though I never ever did anything to harm them.

Granted we have some Nutters in the Christian culture, just as we have fanaticals in other religious groups. The same could be said for other cultures such as homosexuals, Goths, the drug scene, Ravers and Hippies. No matter what your "shared love, interest or culture may be, there is guaranteed to be a few wackos in the group who bring negative attention.

Recently this past week over the internet, I witnessed a number of people raging against 'alcoholics' as if this was a condition that a person would choose to be. Now I'm not defending alcoholics because I am one, but because I know many who battle this disease. Yes, it IS a disease and it's not something you can get or catch by simply going on a drinking binge or tossing down a few shots.

I won't go all out in a definition of alcoholism, but to these internet haters - Google it, find it, get a clue already. Better yet, let go of your mouse for an hour and go to a local AA meeting. You'll be surprised to find - the club members are PEOPLE! From Rabbi's, single mothers to business men. You may even find "one of your own" or a family member there sipping coffee and enjoying an evil addictive Krispy Kreme.

Quit kicking the dog when he's only happy to see you come home. Todays Issue: UNRESOLVED
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  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Sis. Robin said…

    I dislike the fact that when most people post comments to a blog they do so anonymously. If you have the guts enough to say something, have the guts to put who you are.

    I don't like the PC thing either...

  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Luckily I haven't any problems with spineless annoymonous commenters here. (knocking on wood)

    But they are out there creeping about. Ugh!

  • At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Jessika said…

    thanks hun. much love. :D

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