Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Salt & Pepper Dilemma
Dear Margie, "I purchased a salt & pepper shaker set from Wal-Mart and when I got home and opened the box there were two pepper shakers with the big holes and no salt shaker. If I pay for something I should get what I payed for. If there is a problem with it I should be able to take it back and not have to put up with BS. Exchange it, replace it or refund my money. I have issues with Wal-Mart's return policy." -Raging Rachael

Dear Rachael; Since I don't know the entire story or rather Walmart's take on this situation I'm left only to guess what may have happened here. My first question would be did you have a receipt for your purchase?

If not, and you came in the store trying to return it while looking like a crazed crackhead, they may have suspected that you stole the product and by all rights can refuse to give you a refund. However, I am quite familiar with WallyWorld and know for certain that they will return/exchange/refund without a receipt for any product under $20.00. I highly doubt that they sell Salt & Pepper Shakers that cost any more than that.

My next question would be how long did you wait to return the product? If it was a few months, the product may have been sold out and no longer on their database when they scanned the UPC for a return price.

You could also write or call the company who manufactured the set. Many times small companies hire the mentally challenged to pack products for a small wage to supplement their Social Security or disability pensions. Much like the supermarket's cart catcher who bags your groceries and squashes your bread with canned foods, a similar fellow could have packed two pepper shakers in the box. It's worth giving them a call and requesting they mail you a Salt Shaker. I'm sure they must have lots of odds and ends laying around. Good luck!
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  • At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Issues over a salt & pepper shaker? You sure get some winners mix.

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