Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Perspectives on Lettuce
There is a fine line between perspective and truth and we are all guilty of crossing it from time to time. Imagine if everything in the world was black & white, we'd all be bored silly. Instead we have colors, diversity, opinions and people.

Take the Mona Lisa for example, I'm sorry but I wouldn't want her if she was given to me. This statement will bother and offend some people who feel the painting is a masterpiece of beauty. They may say that I am shallow and uneducated. None of the above is actually truth - every bit of it is based on a perspective over a thing.

Our perspectives can be nurtured or conditioned within us. My Mother believed that a certain religious denomination worshiped a head of lettuce. (I'm not being funny - this is a TRUE story.) Mom was a smart lady but somewhere along the line somebody told her that and she believed it without finding out for herself. In turn, she told me and I believed it until I went off to college and was invited to go to church with a roommate. I was 21 years old and I was wondering when the Big Lettuce would arrive. It didn't, so I asked about it and everyone laughed at me.

As for my Daddy, think of Archie Bunker from "All in the Family". To a tee in looks and bigoted behavior to the extreme. He was part Jewish and was anti-semetic. His name Maurice but insisted that it was pronounced "Morris." If you pronounced it anything like "Denise" he'd go ballistic and tell you off for defaming his name as if he were some sort of flaming Frenchman. He was and still is a nutter. Trust me, no matter who I married they would be considered a Meathead by Dad.

Enough of me though, but what I'm trying to say between truth and perspective... we have all been biased or way off the mark at times. Our opinions of those who differ from us, unless we get in with them - will always be conditioned perspectives. Tolerance isn't necessarily accepting or agreeing with those who differ from us, it is the act of educating ourselves through experience to get to know them. No matter their class, race, religion or difference. Know others as people first.

Even if the Big Lettuce did arrive - I would had been tickled pink to experience it. Not that I would bow down, worship or accept the thing. I'd still would go on thinking that Lettuce worshiping was weird but at least the rumor would finally be substantiated. I'd still have my perspective over a thing but would have gained a truth about the people.
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