Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Huggable Urns?
"Founder of Huggable Urns - Alexandra, is passionate about maintaining the loving connections between the living and their loved ones who moved on. "Our society really doesn't deal well with the whole dying process" she says, "and it can make it very hard for people who are grieving, when they are forcibly separated from the remains of their loved one. When my own father died, his ashes were put into a plastic urn which was stored in my mothers closet. All I wanted to do was hold him again, but the urn was hard and impersonal."

"I just love to sit and hold my father" she says. "Even though I know that he as moved on, I feel as if he is still watching over me in his own way. It gives me great comfort to know he is physically close and a part of my life, instead of being hidden away in a closet or scattered somewhere."

Okay, I've read enough and this is creeping me out. What does Dad think about his remains being incarcerated in the bowels of a bear? Wouldn't he rather be set free or at the very coolest be mummified and resting underneath a pyramid of some sorts? How long must he suffer this purgatory of becoming an addition to somebody's Beanie-Baby plush toy collection?

Thankfully after sharing this site with my husband this morning, he assured me that this would not be an option when it comes to my earthly remains.

However, he did say he would take my remains to a taxidermist and mount me on the bow of his boat! Goodness, imagining what I may look at as a 90 year old woman, doesn't give me the impression of a beautiful maiden bow ornament. Instead I envision the fish being scared away by this ---->
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