Wednesday, April 26, 2006
To Kill a Mockingbird
Birds hardly ever sing at night and for many reasons. One; it's bedtime and two; it's dangerous to make your whereabouts known at night, especially when there are prowling killer kittys in your neck of the woods.

However, that wasn't the case outside of my bedroom window at.. oh let's say about 1am this morning! There is a mutant overgrown red-tip bush growing there that houses three nesting bird families. One family is The Cardinals and they have lived here for about 3 years, returning every spring. A quiet couple if I say so myself, the Mister is studious and picky as he chooses the best seeds from my feeder.

Then there are two Mockingbird families. There went the neighborhood or in this case, the Bush Apartment. Last year there was only one Mockingbird family that had themselves a baby chick that mewed like a kitten non-stop for weeks on end. If I wasn't such a nature lover I would have went DDT on their butts. My poor husband couldn't mow the lawn near the red-tip bush without getting dive-bombed by the overprotective Mockingbird parents.

This year, I believe that same baby - now all grown up, decided to move in and rent a branch in the Bush Apartment next door to his parents. (typical kid) For at 1am he sang his little heart out for about 2 hours like the happiest bird on the face of the earth. Who is to know why, maybe he got himself some?

What I do know, was that I hadn't "got any" last night - SLEEP that is!!
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