Thursday, September 25, 2008
Dunderhead Diploma Awards: Frank White of Regional Acceptance Corporation, Columbus SC
Last week I posted and handed out virtual Dunderhead Diploma Degrees for those who hold phony college degrees from various known diploma mills. I can only guess that Ms. Priscilla Thomas wasn't very happy about this for my entire site was de-indexed by Google by Sunday evening.

Not Googles fault, but the fault of a Blackhat SEO whom I suspect is a Flying Monkey sent to erase her bad reputation per her request. It worked, but you see - it isn't very wise to mess around with the wife's blog of a darn good hacker. My darling husband whacked them good and saved my blog from flying monkey caused topsy-turviness.

I had planned to out an Ohio Congresswoman who holds a fake degree today, but...

ALERT! ALERT! This blog post has been interrupted to bring to you news of an Honorary Dunderhead who dared to stuff my email inbox with racial garbage this afternoon!

Congratulations to Frank White of Columbia, SC and thus manager of Regional Acceptance Corporation. (A division of BB&T) I do not know this guy personally but I do have a connection with him in the oddest sort of way. He is the manager of my car loan company!

Now I know I'm behind a month or so in my car payment, but geez!!! Did I deserve this email?:

"Good Ole Jesse Jackson

Did you hear about the fire in the three-family walk up in New Jersey ? A black family of six lived on the first floor. They all perished in the fire. A Mexican family of eight lived on the second floor. They also perished. A white couple lived on the third floor. They survived.

Jesse Jackson, wanting to cut someone's nuts off for the disaster, demanded to know why the whites survived when the others didn't.

The fire chief said the answer was simple. The white couple were at work when the fire broke out. "

I'm all but appalled, baffled and astounded that the manager of my car loan company felt he needed to send me an email that included a racist joke! What if I was an African American, Mexican or victim of fire and flame?

What a Dunderhead! Congratulations Mr. Frank White of Columbia SC and manager of Regional Acceptance Corporation. You are the very first honorary Dunderhead Diploma Award Winner!

Does this mean I still in debt with a $5,563 dollar car loan? Feel free to email Frank White and tell him to eat my remaining balance! To think, President Bush wants us to bail out banks such as this. Eeek!


Stumble It! .......posted by Margaret @ 5:28 PM  
  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    I think he deserves the award. He might get racist of the year award as well. Turn him in to the NAACP.
    I didn't know you could get de-googled.

  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger MARIA said…

    Dear Margaret,
    I'd like to Thank You so much for your sweet visit and birthday vishes.
    Please, "InterneTional Friends Award" is for you too! Take it.

    Your site is wonderful. This post is difficult to me, so I agree with Dr. John comment.

    My sincere greetings
    from Poland

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