Saturday, December 29, 2007
Screeching About The Best Christmas Ever
The Best Christmas Ever for me was this past Christmas. Again, my apologies on being so short and abrupt with this statement a few days back. At that time I couldn't find the perfect words to even attempt to describe my perfect day.

I still can't.

It just was. Perhaps it was the gleeful screech of a five year old daughter when she woke up Christmas Morning. Enjoying a great cup of fresh coffee on a comfortable sofa while she ripped into every present, whether hers or not.

The Basset hounds joining in on the fun, sniffing under the tree as if expecting a special gift themselves. A kitten, bright eyed and awake yet safe and securely hidden on a inner Christmas tree branch that was it's favorite perch for the last two weeks.

Everyone enjoyed Christmas here. Even the critters. When it came time to check our stockings we were greeted with yet another - five year old little girl screech - when she spotted the big black rat hanging out of Daddy's stocking. (Will explain in tomorrows post.)

All of the Screeching reminded me of a news story during Christmas time last year. A Florida couple purchased a Christmas tree and had it in the house for five days before decorating it. That's when the couple discovered a tiny screech owl in the tree.

They called a local Bird Sanctuary to come rescue the poor thing and after an examination and blood test, turned out the poor bird was stoned on Marijuana.

Stoned Screech Owl

Now call me silly if you may, but there is no way this poor owl came into their home five days ago stoned. Marijuana and it's effects don't last five days. No, something is fishy or rather smelling like skunk concerning this whole entire story.

Think about it, if I found a scared and frightened screech owl in my Christmas tree - I would first laugh my ass off. Call a few friends to come over and see this strange occurrence. Then more than likely we would have a spontaneous impromptu Christmas Party right here in my living room.

Yes, I'm afraid to say it. The music would start kicking. The spirits would start flowing. The bongs would start gurgling and I'm 100% certain that the poor Screech Owl would catch himself quite a buzz. Some of our friends and yes, even ourselves are sick like that when festively under the influence.

Sober Screech Owl

The Bird Sanctuary named the owl Cheech the Screech. A name so appropriate. They released the bird a few days later and I'm sure - the wise old owl remembers his best Christmas ever. Except much like me he can't find the perfect words to describe his incredible day.

He can only Screech about it.


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  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger Carlos said…

    There's nothing like squealing little kids at Christmas!

    That owl must've smoked himself a heapin' helpin' of ganja to be stoned for five days. Imagine all the field mice he ate after they released him!

  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger BBC said…

    The closest I ever come to a perfect day are the days I spend at the beaches, in the mountains, or hiking into the hot springs.

    I just posted that I'm going away for a few days, to find some quite place I've never stayed before.

    Wishing you a peaceful New Year.

  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Pribek said…

    "there is no way this poor owl came into their home five days ago stoned"

    I passed a fattie to a screech owl once, at an Allman Brothers show. Never saw it again. It is my opinion that screech owls are among the biggest bogarts in the entire animal kingdom.

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