Monday, July 02, 2007
First and Last; a Meme
Judy always happens upon the coolest memes. "First and Last" is an easy one, especially for this lazy Monday night as I sit here just vegging over the many things I have yet to do this week. If you feel like playing, play along.


* First job: I was the most coveted babysitter in our town when I was a teenager and made a lot of money for a kid my age. My next paycheck type of job was waitressing in a Chinese restaurant. I as the only one who spoke English and could take orders and it proved to be quite an interesting experience.

* First screen name: Ms. Peabody has always been my secret name when writing letters back and forth in school. There may even be some Peabody graffiti here and there at my old Jr. and Sr. High School. It was also my CB Handle. But later, when computers came rolling around a friend used to call me "MargieMix" as in we are out of Margarita Mix. My screen name has been this ever since.

* First funeral: I was 18 and it was my Great Grandfather. I wasn't allowed to go to my Great Grandmother's funeral because my Mother felt it would be too scary for me.

* First pet: A Collie named Toby. He looked a lot like Lassie and was a great dog and never left my side when I was little.

* First piercing: I had my ears pierced during a pajama party when I was 16. I had to hide my ears for the next two years because my father would never allow it.

* First tattoo: No tattoos here, I'm against them.

* First credit card: A JC Penny Card. I remember splurging on a brand new wardrobe the very week that I got it in the mail.

* First kiss: Around first grade, but I don't remember which boy did it. They all used to chase me around the baseball dugout at the playground and some would catch me, some could not. Then one afternoon, I was cornered and ended up running smack into the concrete dugout wall and knocked both of my front teeth out. They were my baby teeth thank goodness.

* First enemy: Her name was Michelle and she used to beat me up all of the time on the way home from school.


* Last car ride: Besides back and forth to work today as usual, we did have to ride out to the train station at 11pm last night to pick up Gon who had come home from a business trip.

* Last kiss: Today, this afternoon and this evening. In fact, I think I'll steal another right now.

* Last movie watched: "The School of Rock" It just happened to come on the cartoon channel and I caught a bit of it and it was quite funny.

* Last beverage drank: Cherry Coca Cola.

* Last food consumed: Tapioca pudding, still suffering from tooth being pulled the other day and I'm starving.

* Last phone call: Dennis, an arrogant, drunk and belligerent acquaintance, and a friend. He has cancer of the asshole and wanted to know if I could pick up some aloe vera gel for his radiation burns.

* Last time showered: This morning.

* Last CD played: I don't play CD's anymore with MP3's around. I'd have to say Veggie Tales because I bought Squirt a few Sunday School sing a long song CD's.

* Last website visited: Judy's Blog of course.


* Single or taken: Taken by force, kidnapped and drug to the church to get married five years ago and have been owned ever since.

* Gender: Female the last time I checked.

* Birthday: September 11th

* Sign: Virgo

* Siblings: What in the world is a sibling? Sounds nasty, like an extra nipple or something.

* Hair color: Blond. True blond also, although I tried to color it a number of times. My hair won't hold color no matter what I do.

* Eye color: Blue and quite possibly bloodshot this evening.

* Shoe size: Seven

* Height: 5'7"

* Wearing: My Nightgown

* Drinking: Cherry Coke

* Thinking about: Curling up in bed with a good book.

* Listening to: The vibration of the Air Conditioner with Gon singing our daughter goodnight from the far bedroom.


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  • At 12:59 AM, Anonymous tethys said…

    wow your birthday is the same day as mine.

  • At 4:21 AM, Blogger Orhan Kahn said…

    I just saw this meme on another blog. I think it is awesome.

    In other news, your top title banner doesn't seem to be working, Margie. Maybe it is just my browser but its just not showing.

  • At 7:07 AM, Blogger R2K said…


  • At 8:26 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    Well now I know a little more about you. That's why I love memes.

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Lavender said…

    awe so cute. i like this meme!

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