Friday, July 06, 2007
Drunken Conversation with a Search Engine
1) Me: "Hi. How are you Today?"
Google: "Now that I have finally gotten around to sitting down and ... I am faced with a problem."

2) Me: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
Google: "Oh yeah .. what's that twitter mess?

3) Me: "What twitter? I don't see a twitter. What in the world is a twitter anyway?"
Google: "If you don't see Twitter Updater there, you may have copied the Twitter Updater"

4) Me: "Upload? I didn't upload anything this evening."
Google: "I have like 4-5 clips I can upload. Shoot me another email to remind me."

5) Me: "Email you? You're Google for heaven's sake, your omniscient."
Google: "While I appreciate your insight into the presence or absence of a god, I can't help but think that you're under the false pretext that god HAS to be."

6) Me: "I knew you were too big brotherish. You're the product of the Anti-Christ aren't you?"
Google: "You're reading way too much into it. Conservatives are simply dumb."

7) Me: "Are you calling me dumb? You're a very ignorant search engine."
Google: "Think "Dumb and Dumber": This site is dumb, you're dumber."

8) Me: "I can't believe I'm hearing this. You are so rude and obnoxious!"
Google: "You know it's trash, but it's just so ridiculous you can't stop yourself."

9) Me: "That's it. I am not coming here ever again."
Google: "I never thought I’d feel that good again ever in my life. ... Thank you for coming here."

10) Me: "Well yeah, good riddance you jerk."
Google: "Good luck in May when you find out you can’t graduate because of misinformation."


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