Monday, March 26, 2007
Mommy Blog Monday: Dragon Tale
It's that time of the year again. Spring! When a backyards and imaginations awaken with renewed experiences. Where fairy tales tag themselves onto each brand new discovery. Today our story begins at the South Pole. A garden in the far corner of our backyard that Mommy uncovered from the fallen Great Oak leaves that blanketed the area over the winter.

Last weekend a bunch of colorful teacups sprouted up from the ground here. Mommy says they are two lips, and that I'm not supposed to pick them or drink out of them, but to tip toe by. So I did, but not without stepping on a tiny little Santa Claus that was buried under some leaves. Turns out there were seven little Santa's taking naps under there. Of course, Mommy disagreed and insisted that Santa takes his naps at his home at the North Pole and that these little fellows were called Gnomes.

I had to set Mommy straight, for these are baby Santa Clauses and this was their home, here at the tiny South Pole where they can have dance, laugh and have fun like all other children. Just like the baby dragons that live here in the Dragon Bush.

"Dragons!" gasped Mommy, "There aren't any dragons living here that is for sure!"

"Sure they do Mommy, look!" I said as I counted eight tiny dragons playing hide and seek behind the bright pink flowers on her prized Camellia Bush. "See, I told you so!"

Somewhere far, far away in Australia is a giant beanstalk that has grown way up into the clouds. On one of those clouds is where the Mommy and Daddy Dragon live. There aren't any flowers, grass, friends, butterflies or other fun things for their baby dragons to do up there. It isn't safe either, for when they are big enough to practice flying they can fall off!!

Because its such a long fall down their Mommy and Daddy thought it was best to bring them down here, to the South Pole to grow up and play. They can have tea parties and tip toe! The fairies that make the wind chimes jingle when they fly by will teach the little dragons how to fly very fast. The Santa Clauses will show them where secret treasures like marbles and diamonds can be found. Then teach them how to share, travel and sell Geico Auto Insurance Policies.

Mommy then stood up, brushed the grass and dirt from her knees and walked away with the leaf bag. Mumbling something about how I'm watching a little too much television lately. That's okay though, for tomorrow afternoon she plans on working over in the rose garden. That's when I'll warm her up to the truth about Global Warming.


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  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    I loved the story.Baby dragons and baby Santa Clauses wow.

  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Lavender said…

    How adorable! She has a great imagination!

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger geosmythe said…

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  • At 8:50 AM, Blogger Judy said…

    Margie, if YOU don't use that story in a book... I'm going to!! That was just wonderful. Send her to me... I need a little muse running around.

  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Orhan Kahn said…

    That is definetly adorable!

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