Monday, September 04, 2006
15lb Cheeseburger!
As I begin week four of my diet I weigh in to find 15.5lbs of me missing! Honestly folks it has been incredibly too easy and I have not been starving nor climbing flights of stairs sweating it off. I told y'all, I'm lazy. At least I used to be for I am now experiencing the side effects of the Atkin's diet. Increase in energy and decrease in naptimes. I'm motivated to start a walking routine but only time will tell if I break away from my morning routine to actually do it. See, not only am I lazy I am very, very stubborn and set in my ways.

My meals this week were absolutely incredible. Stuffed omelets galore and I've tried all kinds of good stuff to jam into them. We had broiled Salmon fillets with broccoli smothered with melted cream cheese for dinner Thursday. Last night I made a crockpot of awesome stuffed peppers. I had to forgo the noodles but the peppers doused in cheese were insanely yum. My snacks varied from pepperoni and Vermont Cheddar Cheese to Cottage Cheese with fresh strawberries tossed in. I also enjoyed my Friday night Sushi and was a very bad girl and had a chocolate Hostess Cupcake later that evening. I won't do that often, I promise - but I do know that even skinny chicks get to have a cupcake now and then.

I see my Doctor tomorrow morning and he should be delighted with my progress. I am also going to ask him about putting me on Spironolactone to help me with the High Blood Pressure and hopefully he will agree to test me for a possible script of Metaformin to help with the insulin resistance.

This week I can up my daily intake another 5 grams of Carbs making 30 total. At this point I don't trust venturing into baked whole grain breads or whole wheat pasta quite yet. Instead they suggest that I get my carbs from wholesome veggies. YUK! So I will, as long as they are hidden in an omelet, chopped up fine in a meatloaf or smothered and I mean absolutely smothered in melted cheese. Time to try out the Mock Mac & Cheese recipe made with Cauliflower.
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  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger Big Pissy said…

    All that food sounds incredible!

    Are you on Atkins?

  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Atkin's it is. I just went through 45 minutes of torture at one of those all you can eat Pizza Buffets. They had carby pizza with carby mac & cheese on top. It was a terrible Atkin's Dieter nightmare. But that is where the kiddies wanted to go. =O(

  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger Orhan Kahn said…

    That is one hell of a burger! I was reading the book Chew On This recently and the author commented on places in America that have 7kg burgers (CAUTION: Australian using the metric system) and I just couldn't believe it. I read the paragraph atleast 5 times trying to scan for sarcasm.

    I recently went on a 3 hour walk through 8 suburbs. Spring is the beginning of leaning up season. All the weight lifting I've been doing over last few months has put a fair bit. That makes me a sad Panda.

  • At 7:20 AM, Blogger Ian said…

    Jesus, that's a big cheeseburger

  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger Penrick said…

    When I was on Atkins, I had lots of energy and I was shocked at what I could eat. I found it an easy diet to stay on.

  • At 7:38 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    YEY for you! That's fabulous! I am down about 7 so far and am fighting the sugar/carby cravings these past few days. But, I shall prevail because I like being in control of what I eat.

    Thanks for helping me get on the train again. At least now I can put on my jeans without asking "Lisa, good Lord! What are you doing to yourself?" And of course, in my own twee way, I thank my body each night for working with me and helping us both feel better.


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    I want that burger!! :(

    I can't have it either. LOL

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