Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Beware of the Were Rabbit!
I thought I've seen it all, until reading an international news story this morning concerning Robbins Island off the coast of South Africa. Someone or something is disrupting the delicate balance of nature and killing the rare birds' - the "Black Oyster Catcher" and "African Penquins."

Who is the culprit? Who is to blame? The suspects range from feral cats, snakes, GIANT mice and of all things "Flesh Eating Rabbits!"

Move over "Wallace and Gromit", the claims follow reports last week that "stunned" vegetable growers in Northumberland had drafted in armed guards to protect their allotments from a gigantic rabbit.

The main clues to the culprit were said to be oversized pawprints and sightings of a cross between a hare and a rabbit with one ear larger than the other. "This is no ordinary rabbit. We are dealing with a monster," Jeff Smith, 63, said."I have seen its prints and they are huge, bigger than a deer. It is a brute of a thing.''

Rabbit Stew anyone?!
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