Friday, March 06, 2009
This one is fairly easy. Go to your favorite search engine (Google, Blingo, etc.) and type in with quotes your name and lost. Ex: "Margie lost."

Barring the depressing results, list the top 20 interesting finds.

1. Margie lost sight of dishes and smiled. (A dishwasher to put them in would be primo!)
2. Margie lost her sister to the chemical smog. (I told her to stop smoking that stuff!)
3. Margie lost her train of thought a few times. (Only a "few" times?)
4. Margie lost 40 pounds. (I did once and need to do it again.)
5. Margie lost her cheese when the rack broke. (The cheese slid off my cracker years ago.)
6. Margie lost this morning. (Don't do mornings, what else is new?)
7. Margie lost a $10 bet on Ghetto President. (If you say so.)
8. Margie lost her footing. (Happens often actually.)
9. Margie lost rental income and incurred attorney's fees. (Deadbeat renters!!)
10. Margie "lost her mind". (If you find it please send it home.)
11. Margie lost her water bottle. (I think it's still on the floor in my car.)
12. Margie lost no time in scoring a wazaari. (Judo. Sweet.)
13. Margie lost contact with you for many years. (Now look what happened.)
14. Margie lost a lot of length but gained a sophisticated style with a chic new cut. (I do need a haircut.)
15. Margie Lost me on this one. (Yeah, I tend to do that.)
16. Margie lost power on a Friday morning. (Who forgot to pay the electric bill?)
17. Margie lost her voice. (Something had to shut me up.)
18. Margie lost her fourth tooth. (Soon to be five.)
19. Margie lost her mansion. (Didn't know I had one of those, guess I should go look for it.)
20. Margie lost it again. (Figures, just when I find it.)
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