Thursday, November 20, 2008
Open Letter to President Elect Obama
Do you realize what you are doing? Throughout America and parts of the world, there is an "Inauguration or Bust" movement to make a pilgrimage to Washington DC by millions to attend your Inauguration ceremony. It's going to be freezing cold, crowded and presents quite a dangerous situation to the very young and old alike.

I'm sure security will be tight as possible, but are there adequate bathroom facilities to accommodate the masses? What is being done to prevent a possible passionate stampede from the Mall over to Pennsylvania Avenue where you will be parading down? What of emergency services for those who may fall ill within the crowd?

In fact, why don't you publically come out and make a request to the American public that they stay home. To create grass-root celebrations in their hometowns vs. making this pilgrimage to be part of this historic day. For their safety and for your peace of mind. While you're at it it would also be wise to tell them that it is NOT cool to worship you.

But I get the feeling that this is what you want. From the Roman columns that framed your presence at the Democratic Convention to the way you blatantly bask in the fanfare and present yourself as a hero.

When you are after all, just a man. Just a man who may have all intentions of change and to do good - but you are indeed going up against a mountain of difficulties brought on by the current Bush administration and by time itself. It may be a mission impossible and by all means you shall give it your very best - but have you considered that if you fail, in any way - that this failure will reflect upon an entire race of people?

Which by the way is bullshit!! Mr. Obama you are NOT African-American by any means. You are the son of a white American woman and your father was an immigrant from Kenya. Your Daddy may be from Africa but in no way did he ever share the historic sorrows of the African Americans who were born here through generations of slavery. You stole this election by pretending to be and to equate yourself with just that.

I have never agreed with a Terrorist on anything, but yesterdays video of al-Zawahri calling you on on being a Malcom-X defined "House Negro" nailed you to a tee.

From where I'm sitting you have banked on the passions and ignorances of an entire race of people. You fail to correct them while they are mistakenly identifying themselves with you and praising you for representing them. You are NOT of them nor have anything in common with them. Disregarding their safety as they plan to pour into DC in droves to celebrate the first "black" president of the United States.

Modeling your Inauguration speech after Dr. Martin Luther King even. You are so fake! So Phony! So selfish! So narcissistic that it sickens me. Building up hope in a desperate people knowing full well that their passions can be crushed so easily. Perhaps it's the white half of your blood that makes you such an arrogant asshole? Either way, you must say something and do something before all of this gets way out of hand.

For the record, although I hate and disrespect everything about you and everything that you stand for. I would never harm nor support any harm to come to you and your family. Unless you re-represent yourself in a proper light I will never bow down or refer to you as Mr. President. I will not honor nor respect you but instead - see right through your transparency and turn my back towards you at every opportunity.

By all means I will pray for you and the people of America. Pray that you'll see what needs correcting and speak up and step down from your pathetic phony pedestal and throne of arrogance. That maybe, in a few months or years I can rewrite this post and say that I am proud of my President who put America first and united us vs. being so hung up on himself that he crushed and divided us.

I hope - and it's a hope that you have not yet given me.
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  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Flyinfox_SATX said…


    Seems like you are annoyed. I have a feeling that many feel the same sentiment as you do.

    I feel bad for the President Elect. I even feel worse for his secret service guys. You know they are all gearing up to take a bullet.

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger Woozie said…

    It's the mark of a smart politician to take advantage of stupid people. While not quite so ragey, I do agree that people should keep a damn close eye on the man, considering he arrived at the presidency so easily on a wave of hope that was to a certain extent blind hope.

    And a little unrelated note about that American and Proud site, I love how he (he?) doesn't hate gays for being gay yet he insists on calling them faggots and freaks. Right.

  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger Shari said…

    Margie, I love how you will say things so many are thinking but don't have the courage and fire to say so themselves!

    I agree with you on just about everything you've said here, especially that he is not an African-American the way most African-Americans are. I'm so upset for Black America because I think he duped them. I think he's made a whole bunch of promises he has no intention of keeping. Blech.

    I just had to comment and say good on you for speaking out honestly!

  • At 8:48 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    As I wrote on your Thanksgiving post, it really is a matter of perspective, isn't it? I don't consider myself easily duped or fooled (being a woo-woo chick kinda helps sift through all the BS) and I am proud of who our country has elected. What the current administration has done to this country and the constitution will take a very long time to make right.

    Do I think Obama is the "messiah"? No, not at all. Do I think he's smart enough to pull in the right people who will put us back on track? Yes.

    I respect your right to speak your mind because that's so important to the well-being of our nation. Dissent is an important part of making sure that our voices are heard. And hell, if you can't do it on your own blog, where can you? heheh

    I love love love you to pieces even as we don't see eye-to-eye on this issue. My hope is that in four years, we will understand the big picture and know that we are all, somehow, some way, connected.

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