Saturday, November 15, 2008
Meet Ms. Rose
About two weeks ago I returned to work one afternoon to find a tail-wagging MONSTER in the parking lot. As usual I walked up to the roadway to check the mailbox before heading back in to the office and she followed me as if I was her new best friend.

I'll be honest, I love animals but this was 90 plus pounds of American Bulldog who usually don't give off the impression of cute nor cuddly. My original thoughts were of getting chomped in the butt, loosing a hand or getting attacked by a rabid beast!

She couldn't go into the office, but she waited for me by the foot of the door. Her presence there succeeded in keeping all of our customers away. Not that she growled, barked or even tried to scare them - she just did so by being there. Such is a bulldog's nature.

Being that I live right next door to my job, when it was time to go home she leaped to her feet and proceeded to come with me. Completely ignoring my commands to "Stay! Get! Sit! Go Away!" PeeWeeWiggles our basset hound was wiggling with excitement on the possibility of Mom bringing home a new friend to play with.

The cats on the other hand were not too fond of this possibility. Jumping to heights that never before had been reached. Hissing and growling in repulsive protest. You'd think I brought Satan himself into the house by the way they cleared off my shelves and shredded the curtains.

I'm a big softie no doubt. I couldn't leave her outside in the cold and wet. Nor chance the possibility of having her hit by a Semi out front here on this busy port Highway. Dog pounds aren't my idea of a good place and I distrust them. So I set out to put in newspaper ads, online ads and flyers around.

Jon gave her a bath and she was beautiful. The previous commands of "Stay! Get! Sit" stopped being ignored. She is the biggest wuss in the bulldog department. House trained, obedient, gentle and kind. In fact - the cats have taken a liking to her and she is now the victim of being their own personal warm bed!!

Last week Jon took her to a local vet to be checked for a homing chip. He also had her shots and some medication and she was given a good score of health. She's only about 7 months old and still a puppy by Veterinarian standards.

No owner has come forth and it looks like we've adopted a new ugly, yet beautiful in her own way - teenaged giant of a Red State and Rednecked Bulldog. We're all sopped up and attached to her now and Katie finally figured out what she's going to name her.

Rose. For no other name would be as fitting.
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  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger Woozie said…

    Both of my dogs have names too, but they've come to be known by the collective noun "Stupid". This post makes me miss Stupid. Only one more week!

  • At 6:28 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    Glad you took the dog in. It seems to have adopted you.

  • At 7:38 PM, Blogger Orhan Kahn said…

    You guys are super awesome!

    Makes me want to get stranded outside your work and follow you home..that sounded less creepy in my head.

  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger Evil Transport Lady said…

    She is so cute! I'm glad you kept her! AND she's only a baby, so training her to your ways will be easy:)

  • At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    She's beautiful! I hope you have many happy years with her.

  • At 10:49 AM, Blogger Flyinfox_SATX said…

    That is one lucky pooch!

  • At 11:12 PM, Blogger bettygram said…

    You are so good to have taken her in instead of taking her to the pound. She sounds loveable.

  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger Jill said…

    A lucky dog!

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