Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Breaking Point
My job has now reached the point of critical mass. I sleep, eat and live it 24 hours a day. Waking up to nightmares and not having any time at all to do anything else. Including very important responsibilities like helping Squirt with her homework, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and catching up on Mt. Laundry.

I don't even want sex anymore for the sheer thought of it constitutes another shower, a duty and work!!

Yep, this has become THAT bad!

My previous challenge of two weeks back has been interrupted by this mass pilgrimage to Washington DC for Obama's inauguration. Eight buses and three Hotels were bought and booked in one single morning.

Yesterday, two more buses were added and another Hotel. But for $100 per person more.

I can't even begin to deal with this half cocked and not very well thought out idea of a plan the boss has thrown upon my lap. Normally an optimistic, hopeful and cheery person - I am burdened by heavy pessimistic intuitions.

Not until yesterday did I even realize that it will be Martin Luther King day before the Inauguration. DC is going to be packed solid with people for the entire weekend before we even get our peeps up there.

Then there is traffic. I know from experience that traffic on the DC beltways can be gridlocked for hours. Even on a normal day at 2am in the morning. The Metro, DC's transit system is running at high capacity on a normal weekday as it is. Toss in 2 million or more people and it's going to be a headache.

Yet, our peeps are expecting to eat a hot breakfast and leave their hotels by 7am. I fear that they may not even make it to DC in time. That they'll instead be sitting on a stinkin' bus stuck in traffic as the festivities go down.

Then there is Miss Mincey. A 97 year old black lady who came in yesterday afternoon to buy her ticket all by herself. She's frail, but a shot gun never the less. She's spunky and very determined. I'm worried for her - in that push around, crowd all by her lonesome. But she said, she didn't care if she died there - she had to go for she waiting 97 years for this moment. She was going to go for the sake of her grandbabies, greats and great greats.

But we were sold out of seats.

Having the foresight to steal a few for wiggle room before the booking even began - I was able to get her in never the less. But I worry so much for her. If they even make it to DC she won't be able to stand for all of those hours. Poor Miss Mincey. But she wants to go no matter what.

Four minutes and it's off to hell again. I want to quit so badly but can't. If you pray remember Miss Mincey for me! Thanks!
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  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Jill said…

    You made me tired just reading about it. Alas this too shall pass. Hang in there.

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Flyinfox_SATX said…

    All those problems you are having. All these issues. The stress that is affecting you, your children, your lifestyle.........

    .....and you still wish for prayers for others....instead of yourself.

    Do you know that you made God smile today? You inspired me Margie...You inspired me.

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