Monday, November 24, 2008
Monday Monday, can't trust that day.
I'm really hating on the Mondays lately and today is no different. Fifty-four more minutes until send off, okay now make that 31. (Had to take Squirt to school in the interim.)

Since when does an employee ask for a week off four months in advance and is told the week before that their planned vacation is not allowed? Really man, it's not my fault that Obama won the election and we now have to help empty out half of Savannah to attend his Inauguration. Which by the way is a good thing and another reason why I do not want to go to this thing. Republicans are going to have the entire city to ourselves for a few days and I don't want to miss the party and experience.

Speaking of the Inauguration and Ms. Mincey that I blogged about a few posts back. I found her a roommate and partner. Our prayers worked. Earlier last week a lady came in to the office, sat in front of my desk and just let it out. Something told her that she must go to this thing. There's some sort of purpose on why that she wasn't quite sure of but was trusting in the Lord.

Funny, for technically we are all sold out on this trip. Technically with the exception of a space that I purposely set aside Ms. Mincey in hopes that my prayers were answered. Well, this was the answer! I told her about Ms. Mincey and gave them one another's phone numbers. They both are going to make a great pair and have a great time no matter what. I'm certain of it.

Times and matters like this can make a bad job bearable. This was last week and now, here it is Monday again and although we only have three days of work this week it does not make my employment any more tolerable.

The Don (boss) is back from escorting a school trip to DC and when he's in - everyone is on edge and frayed. The end of last week was so nice and pressure free. (Heavy Sigh) Alas, he is back. The pressure is back on and it's 13 minutes to kick off and I already need a nap.
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  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    It can't really be that bad can it?

  • At 3:18 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Yep Dr. John. That bad and worse even. I went into work - still sick with remnants of a chest cold gone by two weeks ago.

    By 11:30 am - I was heading to the ER at the hospital. I couldn't breath deep enough to project my voice in an entire sentence!

    Anxiety? Asthma? Allergic to bug spray and heavy perfumes? Cold Air?

    Bacterial Pneumonia!!

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