Monday, September 10, 2007
Happy September 11th!
“When pain is to borne, a little courage helps more than much knowledge, a little human sympathy more than much courage, and the least tincture of the love of God more than all.” -- C. S. Lewis

I just watched a video this evening titled "Prosperity or No Matter What" that got me thinking. It seems the "American Way" is to place our entire lives into health, safety and prosperity. Our politicians tempt us with promises concerning these things and always seem to fail.

Ms. Iron Abs exercises two hours a day and eats like a rabbit in order to avoid getting ill - only to die a victim of crime. Then there is Mr. Moneybags who works like a dog 16 hours a day, missing out on his family in order to sustain his retirement plan. Only he never gets to retire because a heart attack does him in at the young age of 51.

Bad things happen. They have happened in some degree to all of us. If we look back upon our lives we are all sure to sit back, reflect and have a solemn moment of remembrance. That's fine. In fact, that's fine to do today. Go on and reflect.

Funny thing about mirrors, they reflect also. It is the image that becomes turned around. Like your name tag or the word "Ambulance" on the front of a rescue vehicle. Unless your Count Dracula, of course; who's image is reported never to be reflected in a mirror due to his evil nature.

Bad is not to be reflected for it is our human nature to stop it in its tracks. It is in our nature to turn it around. To make a right. To learn from a mistake. To use better judgment. Perhaps even to hug our loved ones and tell them that we love them more.

As a Christian one of the toughest questions to answer is "Why would God allow this?" Dr. John made a great analogy last week on how this infamous day brought to Americans a loss of liberty for the sake of security. God had to make a similar decision but instead gave us freedom of choice and liberty even though He knew that bad stuff can happen by those who choose to do so.

Most confusing were the many Bible verses that state Joy is found through suffering. Verses like James 1;2, "Count it a joy when you meet trials." or Romans 5:3, "We rejoice in our sufferings." I never really understood them, until now.

I turn 40 today and as a milestone, I've been reflecting quite often in these past few weeks. I suffered many times and often wondered why. Much like taking Trigonometry in High School - I wondered, why? Would I ever use such a lesson? How would it ever apply to anything I want to do with my life? Why would God allow this and that to happen?

Yet, today all around me is lots of good stuff. A gorgeous daughter even though I thought I'd never be a Mother just six years ago. A great husband. Lots of great friends who I love and whom love me right back. An adoring dog sleeping at my feet. Above all a LOT of fantastic memories.

As I blow out the flaming forest fire of candles upon my cake today, I can wish for another year to make more memories with. To progress, to learn, and to grow. But most of all, to reflect the joy that is in my heart - that surpasses all suffering. To keep on keeping on and to keep turning the bad moments around.

After all we're never promised health, safety or prosperity but we can be assured we will end up in someone's memory. Reflect good and make their memories good. It is in our power to do just that.

Happy September 11th and now, go out and turn things upside down.
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  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger Aduladi' said…

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you had me in stitches with the Jesus figurine, "walking on water" comment.

    Thank you for your thoughts and the opportunity to tell a little more of our 9/11 story. It is small, but I responded to your comment. We had two of our own miracles that day. The most impactful one I posted.

    Love your blog, looks like I have some "catching up reading" to do!!

    Have a wonderful 40th birthday!

  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger Flyinfox_SATX said…


    Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration to me. I wish I would have read your blog before I posted mine. It might have softened me up a bit. Here is hoping that you get everything you want for your deserve it. Keep on Rockin!


  • At 5:49 AM, Blogger Carlos said…

    Happy birthday to you! I shoulda known you were a Virgo!

    Good post Margie. I remind myself every day what is important in my life.

  • At 6:16 AM, Blogger Lone Grey Squirrel said…

    Happy Birthday! Enjoyed your post today in its contemplative mood.

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