Monday, September 24, 2007
Defending Don Lowery
During the last two weeks we've heard numerous accounts concerning Don Lowery. From those who know him to those who don't. Like myself for instance.

It seems whenever there is tragic news story, from as far away as Virginia Tech to right next door - there is a need in all of us to wonder how the clock ticked leading up to such moments of desperation.

Perhaps in a desire to stop a tragedy or near tragedy from happening again?

I don't know Mr. Lowery but I do know at least a dozen people who are currently experiencing the clock ticking towards hopelessness. Taken for granted often are the false promises of health, safety and prosperity. We all share the same sense of invincibleness when it comes to these three areas. Yet, any one of us could be standing in a bank on any day of the week and turn up a victim of happenstance.

When it comes to health, certainly there are those who have fallen ill due to their lifestyle and habits. However there are also those who eat healthy, run seven miles each morning, finish grad school and land the perfect job. Only, sometimes a person can wake up one morning to the tune of MS for example, and the clock begins to tick.

Ticking slowly as more and more work days are missed due to medical tests and treatments. Eventually their boss lets them go. Nothing personal of course, but the bottom line is work needs to be done and isn't. Such a person honestly tries to find re-employment but that is difficult to do considering they must disclose their illness and treatment schedules.

Speaking of treatment, let us not forget about the medications. Whether it be Cirrhosis or MS, many of the medications prescribed are narcotic and/or mind altering. There is something for pain and another to relax your MS muscle twitching. The loss of a job and other pressures may lead to depression, in turn leads to yet another pill to swallow with your morning coffee. For what these people suffer from there isn't yet a cure, only treatment.

Eventually the car or home loan company is hounding them on the phone. The utilities are about to be shut off and food is scarce upon their table. We would think that filing for SSDI would be the answer, but I know a 57 year old blind, double amputee due to diabetes who was turned down three times in a row.

It's not a bad thing that SSDI puts all people through a wringer, after all this is our tax money. Yet time and time again, I've seen people who are terminally ill turned down. Turned down after waiting over six months for a determination. Appealing and waiting yet another six months. Meanwhile, who is there to keep the lights on, cans in the pantry or even worse, make their next health insurance payment?

Welfare? Think again if there are any assets to be had. Simply, if you own a house, IRA or stocks of any kind - you are expected to liquidate these before collecting from the public coffers. Years of hard work, saving and preparation for your family and future will have to pay off now. Perhaps all of this financial stress leaves you divorced or you were single to begin with - did you know that making anything over $12K a year disqualifies you from welfare, food stamps or much needed Medicaid?

The clock ticks forward, your medical treatments to prevent your illness progression have stopped because you are no longer insured. Clinics are your only option and they aren't specialists - they can only prescribe medications to help you cope. You don't know if you have one week, one year or 10 years before the clock stops ticking.

Attempting to rob a bank was wrong, but it isn't wrong in the mind of a person having a complete emotional, financial and physical breakdown complicated by mind altering medications. To such a person living in such a bad dream - reality doesn't make sense anymore.

They just want to wake up but the alarm clock never goes off. Instead, they go off..

To defend or to convict Mr. Lowery all depends on who we believe keeps hitting the snooze button. Who exactly needs to wake up?

My guess, it's us.


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  • At 6:14 AM, Blogger Carlos said…

    I'm feeling less and less immortal with every passing year, as do most people who find themselves actually aging ;-) I don’t fret and worry about the future, but I’m keenly aware that I’m not gonna live forever…and that, although things seem to have fallen neatly in place for me over the years, that ain’t a given.

  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Ashleyb3028 said…

    I am a very close friend of the Lowery's and I must say on behalf of them and myslef, THANK YOU!!! Everyday I get on here to hear people talk so badly of a man that is one of the most smartest, caring, hard working man I have ever met in my life.. It makes us feel so good to know that someone who doesnt even know us nor him could say such things and be so understanding...
    Thanks again,
    Your words meant a lot..


  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    You're most welcome Ashley.

    Many people don't know this, but I had a breakdown after 9/11/01. That was my birthday and my husbands. I don't know for sure what ticked - but I couldn't sleep for an entire week.

    I was hospitalized a week later on 9/17/01. Something happened that dumped all of my seretonin levels chemically, panic or shock - we still don't know. But staying awake for seven days straight will make anyone delusional.

    Thankfully, I didn't harm anyone but I did do some really crazy insane stuff during that time. I don't remember much of it, other than what I was told - but I do understand how anyone, including Don could easily enter this realm.

    Hopefully Don is getting some needed rest and sleep, as well as medical attention across the board. My best wishes to his family and friends through this difficult time.

  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger Cremon said…

    I do not know Don, but I used to get a lot of email from folks that thought I was him. We do share the same first and last name and we both live in GA. I have been following this story since the bank visit because I had so many people asking if it was me. Before this, I used to like reading the newspaper articles he'd write.

    Don, you don;t know me or who I am, and while I don;t know you personally, I do know who you are and what most people think about you.

    My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your family. You should be judged by all your deeds and actions... not just ONE! My heart goes out to you, Sir.

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