Tuesday, June 19, 2007
WTF is a WTF?
WTF (What the fuck) is a WTF do you ask? According to Scott Larson our mild mannered city reporter and bloggy buddy, a WTF is a cell tower or rather the three letter acronym for a "Wireless Telecommunications Facility."

Now Cell Towers are loathsome eyesores that dot our gorgeous landscape but they are a must have technology to keep up with our demands for cellular phone quality. Of course, nobody wants to wake up one morning, pull open their blinds and look out their picture windows to see a WTF towering across the street from them.

So the city of Savannah has been discussing an ordinance with developers to erect environmentally friendly, concealed and camouflaged WTF's throughout our beautiful city.

I wouldn't consider a mutant, 200 foot high - Palm Tree inconspicuous. Environmentally friendly, I doubt it. I'm sure our native birds would die laughing as they say to one another, "WTF is up with that Jack and the beanstalk looking thing?"

Our tourists who often come to Savannah to see our magnificent Giant Oaks, Sugar Magnolias and to find out for themselves how tall is a Georgia Pine really is - will be flabbergasted while driving into town.

Oh well, WTF does it matter anyway - at least their cell phones will work.


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