Thursday, May 31, 2007
Once in a Blue Moon
If you ever used the term, "Once in a Blue Moon" - this evening, (May 31st) the moon over North America will become full for the second time within a month. According to folklore, that makes it a "blue moon". But will it really be blue?

Chances are this second full Moon will probably look as gray as the first one was. A Blue Moon is simply defined as a second full moon that occurs within a calendar month.

The last Blue Moon was in July of 2004 and we won't see another in the Western Hemisphere until December, 2009. So for all those things that you have claimed to do only "once in a blue moon", today is the day to go out and do them.

(Interesting Note: Because of time zones, this week's full Moon occurs over Europe on June 1st rather than May 31st. In Europe, it is the month of June which will have two full Moons, with the “Blue Moon” on June 30th.)


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