Wednesday, May 30, 2007
My Favorites Meme
A Meme of My Favorites borrowed from Judy.

TIME OF DAY: 6-8am before everyone awakes. The serenity and quiet keeps me sane.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Sunday, we keep this aside for family time and relaxing.

SEASON: This is a tough one as I love both Spring and Autumn here in the South.

HOLIDAY: Mother's Day, because I've waiting so long for the chance to celebrate it.

BEACHES: Ocean City, NJ although I am really growing quite fond of Tybee Island. If only they added a small boardwalk, a water park and instituted some really strange blue laws - I'd feel like I was home again.

SONG: Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann. Love the chopsticks riff.

FLOWER: Lilacs, because they smell so good..

TALK SHOW: If you consider Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report talk shows, I'm in.

MOVIE: On Golden Pond.

SOAPS: I'm thinking Soap Opera, which I don't have the time to watch anymore but if I did, it would be Guiding Light on CBS.

BEVERAGE: Root Beer Floats.

FRUIT: Pineapples, preferably upside down on a cake with cherries.

SNACK: Pepperoni and cheese on Ritz crackers.

FOOD: All things Italian. Lasagna, Spaghetti with meatballs, Stromboli, Veal Parm, Pizza, Anise Cookies and Pizzelles at Christmas time, Subs, Anti-pasta... I could go on and on and on.

RESTAURANT: In New Jersey it was The Neptune in Vineland, hands down and without a doubt. Their baked crab imperial was to die for. In Savannah, Georgia it is difficult to choose. There is a wonderful restaurant around every corner, for every mood and for every taste bud.

Feel free to play along and let me know you're playing!

(Blog my Dust!)

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  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    What I like about this kind of meme is it allows us to know a little bit more aout you. Npow I know what snack to serve if you ever drop in unanounced.

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