Friday, April 20, 2007
Margie Unplugged: "Where art thou?"

There's no need to worry, everything is alright and blooming in Margieland. If I were to have any complaints, it would be that I'm so exhausted by the day's end. Sometimes, I even wake up exhausted. If it wasn't for the percolating coffee pot awakening my senses, I'd never wake up in time.

I may have mentioned here before that I have an adopted family here in Savannah. An elderly couple that I used to clean house for until they gave me a promotion of sorts. I drive them to appointments, run errands, pick up laundry, prescriptions and other odds and ends.

Well, they recently offered me another grand promotion.

After having a Home Health Organizer come by to discuss options, such as services offered to seniors who wish to live independently in their own home - they found there was so much more left to be desired. They have the option of hiring an expensive at home caretaker service, but would rather employ me to do these things full time. For they know me well, trust me and can depend on me.

Plus I believe, they love my cooking.

However, this presents a few problems. The first of which, these are things that I would love to do for free. I feel kind of guilty being paid for them. After all, who wouldn't take care of a beloved family member or friend at this time in their lives?

Second problem, I am a full time Mom first or at least have planned to be. I have issues with daycare facilities and a huge distrust of strangers watching over and teaching my daughter. We had planned on homeschooling for a few years until we could afford a decent private education. Squirt does have a wonderful part-time Nanny three days a week for 4 hours a day - but she isn't available full time.

I have taken Squirt with me on a few occasions, but if you know or remember the behaviors of a four year old - for long periods of time she'd climb the walls with boredom. Heck, I even get bored there. No computer, no cable TV and no sunshine.

Third problem, I have done this before. The ultimate result in the end is beautiful. There is nothing more comforting to anyone than to feel secure, loved and cared for in those last years, months, days, hours and very last minute of your life.

However, this ultimate end is very, very difficult for the caretaker. That is probably why home health services are always turning over employee's and never letting any employee watch over a client for any long period of time. To avoid any emotional attachment.

I'm already emotionally attached.

Here is where I am.


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  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Margie,

    Please remember to filter the following into my comment: I had my tubes tied at the age of 25 because I did not want to reproduce. :)

    However, I think that if you don't trust day care and Squirt has to come with you, take a laptop. Plus have her help you with stuff like washing the dishes or folding sheets or helping to push Daisy's wheelchair.

    A good home health aide/companion is worth their weight in gold. It would certainly not be a bad skill for Squirt to learn by osmosis.

    I don't know if your daughter is precocious enough to read at four, but if so, books are the greatest thing going for those stranded in icky places for long periods of time.

    Another thing: art supplies.

    Subset of art supplies: a disposable camera. (I'm biased, but hell, you never know.)

    Boom box with CDs == musical exposure.

    love f

  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger Jayne said…

    I agree with f.kwan, this would be a terrific and long-lasting learning experience for Squirt. The fact that they trust you and would rather pay for your services is nothing to feel guilty about. You're helping them, and in turn, with paying you, they're helping you and your family. I'm sure it will make them feel good.

    It's an excellent opportunity and I think you should go for it.

  • At 8:52 PM, Blogger Judy said…

    Margie, I agree with all the above. You should go for it. There's nothing wrong with making money doing something you enjoy and love doing. They would probably feel bad if they DIDN'T pay you... so you are actually giving them the chance to help. The nanny can continue to help with Squirt, but it would be good for her to be with you while you do these things.


  • At 10:03 PM, Blogger Big Mama said…

    Wow! I thought I had hard decisions to make. I only wished the old people in my world lived closer so I could be there for them. Just listen to your heart and do what it tells you to do. Just remember that you and squirt always come first no matter what. Good luck.

  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger doctor chip said…

  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger Georgia Peach said…

    Miz Margie, (l) I think you are wonderful as a human being, a wife, a mom, liberated woman ( I had to say it.) (2) This caregiver idea is a marvelous opportunity to be with Squirt during the day and you would be teaching her to share, care for others, and learn skills to see her throughout life. (3) Think of your position in your adopted family as a caring, loving daughter and Squirt, as granddaughter. YOU know how I feel about my grandchildren!(4) Your money is not the point, the caring and your time with your extended family is the reason. If you feel bad about taking the money for yourself, put it in an account for Squirt's private school or college fund. (5) Go to the phone and accept the position and quit waffling. You know you want to do it. The name Margie is written all over it. Love ya, GA Peach

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