Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Trash Day
Why Lord? Why do the Sanitation workers always place my Curbie behind my vehicle and out of my range of site? Why haven't I learned after all this time to check behind my car before I back out of my driveway on Wednesday mornings?

I'm hereby putting in a call to all IT engineers to strive to develop a Curbie-bot. Yes, you heard me correctly. A garbage can that is programmed to roll itself out to the curb at a said time and place then roll itself back to its usual position after detecting it has been emptied.

Think of the possibilities! No longer will anyone forget to roll their Curbie out to the curb on trash day. We will spare the rear bumpers of cars and egos of homeowners everywhere.

It must be as uncomplicated as taking an old lawn mower chassis, a solar powered battery pack and a timer of some sort. A simple scale, point A to point B programming detail and most importantly a "This End Up" siren or voice notification. Similar to Squirt's 'Hokey Pokey Elmo' who knows when he falls over and says, "Whoops, Elmo fall down. Help Elmo up please?"

Except, I would prefer that my Curbie have a bit more "trash talk" programmed in to get my message across in my absence.
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