Saturday, June 17, 2006
Married man - no ring!
Dear Mix; "What is up with so many married men not wearing their wedding rings? This really bothers me because it says they want to appear single and unattached. I have heard so often about numbers of adultery and divorce in the U.S. are off the charts." - Canadian Lady Confused

A wedding ring is only a symbol NOT some sort of consumer labeling while you are off shopping for a guy. Who are you to assume what ringless married men are thinking?

Could be lost. Could not fit anymore. The guy could have some sort of electronic job where the actual wearing of a conductive ring could fry his nuts off. Okay, at the very least his finger.

If adultery is running rampid in the US it is not because a man isn't wearing his wedding ring. It takes two to enter into such a proposal and it is up to you - a woman to make the necessary efforts to personally know who you are sleeping with and whether or not he is married.

Take it from a wife who knows how to send her man out the door in the morning with obvious "I am married" signals. FABRIC SOFTNER Yes, preferably the lavender or blossom scented. The smell lets any interested ladies know right off that he is either married or living with his Mother.
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